January 19, 2015

30 Life Things I Try To Always Remember

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1. Trust your gut instinct. Those times you do something you instantly regret but you knew all along “it didn’t feel right?” Turns out you were right. Trust your gut – it’s looking out for you. Your gut is Robin, you’re Batman.

2. You care more than they care. That thing that’s getting you worried and all hot and bothered about? You’re over-thinking it. Most people are too busy thinking about their own issues to think about yours.

3. People will judge you. That’s the difference between people who know you, and people that don’t. Your looks; your “background”; your social media profile; your choice of words; your friends. All these things will all being judged at the most shallow level by lots of people. Accept it, but don’t let it stop you.

4. Listen to your tribe. When someone close to you tells you are being out of order (friends, family, partner), then it means you are most likely 100% being a bit out of order.

5. You can’t please everyone. It is literally impossible. People will always have a bone to pick with you about something. Anything. Always. You cannot be universally liked, so don’t even try. How freeing is THAT!

6. You have to start somewhere. It’s OK to do a shit draft, or a bad article, or make mistakes. You have to try + learn + try again = succeed.

7. Your opinion isn’t the only opinion. We all want to shout the loudest or make someone agree with us. But don’t; it’s not fair. And I’m no angel at this. Everyone is different, and that is a good thing. Be flattered if someone takes the time to debate with you (if they are being polite, that is). You will always learn something new from someone who disagrees with you, even if they are rude. Give them a virtual thumbs up. Move on.

8. “Making an effort” takes two people. If you’re annoyed with a friend for being a bit rubbish, ask yourself if you’ve really tried. If you realise you haven’t, let them off the hook. If you genuinely have, ask them nicely what’s up.

9. Worrying is pointless. But’s healthy. Worrying won’t change anything. But, it’s good to care. It’s good to doubt yourself sometimes. It’s good to give a shit. It shows you have passion for things, that you care about people, that you’re a human being. Just try not to let it keep you awake at night. Bags under your eyes will make you look unhinged, and that’s never been a great look.

10. Letting yourself be bitter is wasted energy. It’s easy to get jealous (we all suffer from it) but it’s amazing what can happen when that energy is channeled into something different. Something good.

11. People won’t like you any more or less because of the clothes you wear. You might get some really nice compliments or some Instagram “likes”, but it’s surface-level adoration. We all like looking like our best selves, but real connections matter. No one will actually like you more just because you have an expensive coat on. Wear what you like.

12. Playing a good song in the morning can really change your day. Taking control of your day first thing in the morning can impact it in big ways. Music, an inspirational podcast, or just saying to yourself “I’m GOING to have a good day today ALRIGHT”. It actually works.

13. Don’t try and make people want the same things as you. That friend that doesn’t want to move to London? Or wants to become a full-time blogger? Or wants to move to a desert island? Or wants to quit her job? Or wants to get back with her ex-boyfriend? Or wants to have a baby? Don’t give them advice on things based on what “you’d do”. Let them do what they want to do.

14. Buy a good moisturiser. Be kind to your skin. It’s the best it’ll ever be right now.

15. Try not to snap. Snapping is the loss of control over your emotions. Learn to control them, learn to manage them, like you’re holding in your pee at a festival. Don’t let it all out too quickly, otherwise you’ll regret ruining your evening. (I’m working on this).

16. Say yes. Figure it out later.

17. Text someone you love before you go to bed. You’ll have better dreams.

18. Leave a chapter unfinished. Whether you are reading, or writing your own novel. Make it easy on yourself when you pick the book up the next day. Chances are you’ll write more if you’re mid sentence and know in your head what will happen next. Chances are you’ll read more if you left your bookmark right in the middle of something interesting. (Shout out to Jon for this tip).

19. Buy comfortable shoes. You will have such a better day if you’re not walking like you’re wearing a nappy.

20. Identify what makes you truly happy. It might Netflix and a blanket. It might be performing on a stage. Whatever it is, choose it hard.

21. Don’t feel bad if you take things personally. “Don’t take it personally” is the worst phrase in the world. Of course you always will – how else can you take it? Take it personally. And then move on.

22. Fate is a wonderful thing. Embrace the random strangers you meet. The people who say hello on Twitter. Learn something from them,

23. Don’t stick a cotton bud too far in your ear. We’ve all seen that episode of GIRLS.

24. Write longer personal emails. We’re all busy. But that long email you actually took time to write? Someone will really appreciate that.

25. Don’t assume. The person you think is the happiest could be extremely good at hiding their feelings. Like, Oscar-worthy good.

26. You don’t have to go far to go on holiday. You can make a weekend feel like a holiday, just do something different, check in to a cheap hostel, go sight-seeing, put on your best clothes.

27. There’s no such thing as having enough friends. It is possible to meet soul-mates at any point in your life.

28. Don’t listen to everything your idol has to say. You love their books, their TV show, their songs, their lyrics – but hanging onto someone’s every word can be dangerous. Have your own voice, your own boundaries, because they won’t always be right about stuff. Plus that’s too much pressure to put on someone; save yourself from being let down.

29. Let people tell you “no”. All successful people were told they couldn’t do it. That they wouldn’t be able to do it in a million years. That they should “just give up”. Where else do you think all that drive comes from?

30. It’s OK to ask for help. Don’t be too proud, it’s not worth it.

31. It’s just a bad photo. The angle of a camera lens does not represent what you actually look like.

32. Write a diary if you’re confused about your job. Write on a page each day how your day was. If after a month all the days are negative, you need to find a new job.

33. You’re only an adult when you always have clean knickers each day and don’t have to wear a pair of bikini bottoms when everything’s in the wash.

34. Be kind. No one is permanently happy.

35. Every day, you are changing. Every day, you are cleverer than you were yesterday.

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