January 23, 2015

Blogger Awards in Berlin

Screen Shot 2015-01-23 at 17.56.46This week I went to Berlin to interview and cover the Stylight Influencer Awards as part of Berlin Fashion Week. Highlights include an editor-in-chief (really politely) telling me I had lipstick on my teeth and someone air-kissing me SEVEN times.

I wrote about the whole thing here on The Debrief, I did a run down of the nominees and winners and highlights of the evening; some are mega huge in Europe but haven’t had much coverage over here, so it was amazing to meet so many different bloggers from all over the world. Blogging really is a HUGE industry. I always knew that – but the evening really hammered it home.

These aren’t just bloggers though, they are powerhouses and huge solid personal brands within in the industry. I mean you can’t really call them ‘blogs’ anymore can you? They have huge social media prominence (we’re talking millions on Instagram) and their blogs are the same standard as some of the most iconic brands in the world. Incredible, professional fashion websites. Some of the designs of their blogs are out of this world.

My flight on Tuesday was an early one with me needing to leave the house at 6am on Tuesday, so obviously I had no make-up, wearing pyjamas that sort of pass for trousers and Lenny Kravitz sized scarf to cover the majority of my face and upper body. Then I realise I’m on a flight with Made In Chelsea’s Jamie Laing and on the way back with Proudlock too. (Obvs they were on the #FROW. We weren’t. Lol).

I interviewed Linda Tol (who I’ve been girlcrushing on for yonks), grey-haired Masha Sedgwick, Swedish blogger Angelica Blick and others who were really friendly fun but OMG they looked like they’d been Instagrammed IRL. Perfectly filtered. Intimidatingly beautiful. Extremely well-dressed. But if your livelihood is your Instagram feed, well, it makes sense. I felt like the token frump. Most people were wearing Fendi or Mark Kane or Chanel, I was wearing H&M. Thankfully Berlin-style is pretty casual, but I did feel a little bit basic.

I met a fellow journalist from Grazia Amsterdam called Eve Tomaszewski who was absolutely amazing, from the cab ride to the venue we instantly bonded and we spent the entire evening glued together and just gawking at everything around us like fish. The event was held at an old swimming pool called STATTBAD, which was dark and dingy whilst still looking really up-market and I don’t want to say the word hipster. During the awards I fell sort-of in love with the DJ Klingande who played #SickBeats (but sadly no Taylor Swift) which accompanied the amazing Tigha catwalk show. Lots of strong leather looks all round.

After the interviews, we basically spent the whole night eating all the canapés (we were so hungry by the end of the night) and were definitely chowing down in the background whilst the paparazzi were snapping photos of Bar Rafaeli. We basically lingered by the food table for a good half an hour so we could grab everything as soon as it came out (the best party tactic let’s be honest). I really got on so well with Eve and when the event was over we went back to the hotel we were staying in and had a drink in the hotel bar. Eve got us two vodkas, by which I thought she’d get a vodka with something. But nope she came back to our table with just a glass of vodka with a tiny bit of lemon on the rocks, with a straw. This was slightly more than my usual nightcap but it was so nice to have a good old tipsy chat about our hopes and dreams for the year. It’s always amazing to meet someone randomly who you just click with.

Check out The Debrief’s Instagram and website for the full coverage of the event.

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