February 06, 2015

An Illustrated Week

The Internet can be such a cute place sometimes.

A few weeks ago I was contacted by the lovely press team at SimplyBe. The fashion range there is all about ‘real’ moments. I feel weird about the term ‘real woman’ because none of us are cyborgs, but this was about celebrating one of those fashion moments where things didn’t go swimmingly but you rocked it anyway. Moments where you accidentally wear the wrong bra, or forgot your Spanx, or you ended up with lipstick not just on your teeth but also on your earlobe (this happens frequently). I could have chosen some other more embarrassing fashion ‘issues’ but instead I chose to relay the time I was in NYC with sunnies on and a brand new pair of Converse shoes which THEN RIPPED MY FEET TO SHREDS. Literally gave me the worst blisters known to man. So the team at Simply Be then said they’d send me an illustration (by the talented Estelle Morris) of this awkward ‘moment’ that occurred.

photo-8 SimplyBe_GirlLostInTheCity_EstelleMorris (1)-2

This one below was drawn by the amazing Ella Masters at the Rosewood London spa, where I hung out with some other bloggers, the lovely @wishwishwish, @livpurvis and @fashionknitsta in robes. We had a gorgeous 30 minute massage and amazing canapés and drinks. I reviewed the Rosewood here when I stayed the night and I cannot recommend it any more – it is with out of a doubt the best place I’ve ever stayed in London.




Screen Shot 2015-02-12 at 16.09.22


The third illustration I wanted to share was from my lovely friend and fellow blogger Katie Oldham aka Scarphelia.com. She was taking requests on Twitter as she is practising her skills (as if she needs to), and then yesterday I woke up to this amazing painting on Twitter. Talk about SKLILS? I want everyone to know just how amazingly gifted she is at pretty much everything and SHE’S NICE TOO. She writes, she sings, she paints…. SO GO LOOK AT HER THINGS: instagram.com/scarpheliablog



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