March 18, 2015

Books, Books, Books: March 2015 Top Picks

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WOOPSIES. I haven’t done a book round-up for a while. The *idea* was to do them monthly….but somehow life got in the way. I really want to start documenting and sharing what I’m reading because I always find book round-ups super helpful on other blogs whenever I’m stuck for ideas on what to start reading on the commute or on holiday or what to pop onto my beside table.

So – here’s the stuff that I’ve had my nose in recently:

  • The Mathematics of Love by Hannah Fry (Simon Schuster): – this book is part of TED books (I loved her TED Talk of the same name). The book is super interesting, I’ve always enjoyed books about love – one of my all-time favourites is ‘Why him? Why her?’ by Helen Fisher. This book however is a bit more scientific than books I’ve read on love in the past, and explores patterns and behaviour that make us act certain ways in relationships. I found the bits dissecting marital behaviour really interesting. *gulp*
  • Bonkers by Jennifer Saunders (Viking): I can’t believe I hadn’t read this before, I feel like it’s an obvious one that I should have had on my book shelf yonks ago. I loved reading about Jennifer’s life – when Soho and the TV industry were really different (and cooler, by the sounds of it). I’m really into reading memoirs at the moment. Sometimes I find them more satisfying than fiction because it all happened, and I’m learning something directly from the author’s experiences.
  • Girl On The Train – Paul Hawkins (Doubleday): I’m so sorry to anyone that loved it, but I REALLY struggled to finish this. I kept delaying it and sort of forgot to get through the last few chapters which really shocked me as I love a thriller as much as the next person. I love the concept and I know it’ll make an epic film; but the ‘diary’ style writing didn’t grip me.
  • I Hate Myselfie – Shane Dawson (Simon Schuster): This is a group of essays by YouTube personality Shane Dawson, I have never watched his vlogs or heard of him really until I got sent the book. But I really enjoyed his writing. His book includes chapters such as “Internet Famous” and “YouTube Got Me Fired”. What can I say, I love these sort of books that talk about how our lives play out on social media.
  • The Day We Disappeared – Lucy Robinson (Penguin): I’m not going to write much because I’m scared I’ll write a spoiler and everyone will hate me so I will just say that I really loved this book and I loved the fast pace of the plot, it’s easy to read and gripped me right to the end.
  • Girl In A Band – Kim Gordon (Faber & Faber) – I fell in love with Kim Gordon after reading this book. Hard and fast. She’s the bassist/singer from Sonic Youth and is the COOLEST PERSON. This memoir covers marriage, motherhood and how to do stuff your way. It’s a really inspirational read. Plus if you want to know what New York was like in the 80s/90s then READ THIS BOOK.
  • Come As You Are – Emily Nagoski (Scribe): Emily knows her shit. This book explores everything about sex, all the bullshit lies we’ve been told in the media and how you can really easily improve your sex life. It’s really empowering too; she’s basically saying, you’ve been lied to, and that’s probably why you’re feeling rubbish about yourself in the bedroom. She’s also really really funny and includes little ‘TL;DR” segments at the end of each chapter just in case you missed anything. It’s sciency but also really good fun.
  • Girls Will Be Girls – Emer O’Toole (Orion Books): I found this one quite tricky to get into but once I was  in, I was in. I think I just wasn’t expecting the structure, it reminded me a bit of a textbook from school. But I actually started to really love it. It made each chapter really easy to digest and I felt like I was always learning something new. I loved how it focused so deeply on gender.  I’m super interested in performance, drama, and the arts, so absolutely loved this book. Hilarious in parts, too, she definitely does not hold back on her opinions, which is always good.

Books on my ‘next to read’ list:

  • None Of The Above – Rick Edwards (Simon Schuster): Although a lot of the press seem to be likening Rick to Russell Brand (because they are both good-looking young men talking about politics?) I really don’t know what to expect from this book, but I loved Rick’s Ted Talk so really looking forward to reading this. I like the idea that it’s digestible, for young people who aren’t massively ‘into’ politics. I think this book is definitely necessary.
  • Denton Little’s Deathdate – Lance Rubin – (Simon Schuster): The premise of this book is #dark but I feel like it will hopefully be sort of uplighting too (in some way)? Basically it’s about a boy called Denton who has a date for when he’s going to die; the same date as senior prom. That’s all I know from reading the blurb. Sounds intriguing.
  • All The Bright Places – Jennifer Niven (Penguin): This appears to be another book that touches on death – with two characters: Theodore who wants to take his own life, and Violet Markey who’s devasted by her sister’s death. They meet and ‘together their story begins’.
  • So You Been Publicly Shamed – Jon Ronson (Riverhead Books): Really keen to start reading this. I went to a talk that Jon Ronson curated all about public shaming this week – it was fascinating listening to all these true stories so it’s definitely got me excited about the book.

Books I’ve pre-ordered:

  • I’m Special by Ryan O’Connell (Simon Schuster): I’ve been obsessed with Ryan for a LONG TIME ever since I found his writing on Thought Catalog years ago when I was interning and thought I want to write on the Internet too. He is mega talented at writing raw, heartfelt, emotional and very very funny things. I cannot wait to get my hands on this book, when I do I am going to lock myself away until I’ve finished it in one sitting. You can pre-order here, too.
  • Lorali – Laura Dockrill (Hot Key Books): This is Laura’s first YA novel and it’s about mermaids – but not the Disney kind, this book has a darker tone and I cannot wait to read it. Laura’s writing is really poetic and there is really nothing else out there quite like it.

Is there anything I’ve missed or that you’d recommend (especially any memoirs)? Please share! Tweet me at @girllostincity or comment below xoxo

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