March 25, 2015

#GIRLS sleepover at The Hoxton Hotel

Monday was VERY fun indeed. I went along to the Girls HBO Blogger Sleepover, hosted by HBO and Birchbox at the absolutely gorgeous Hoxton Hotel. The evening was to celebrate HBO’s Award-winning comedy series Girls: The Complete Fourth Season and we stayed up until midnight so we could digitally download Season Four on iPads and watch it in bed after necking a bottle of champagne. BEST MONDAY NIGHT EVER?


It’s no surprise that I am a HUGE fan of GIRLS and have watched them all religiously. I even wrote An Open Letter to the cast recently because I felt connected to them. (I also absolutely ADORE Lena Dunham and think she is a g.e.n.i.u.s).

GIRLS is probably the only thing I currently own on boxset (apart from The O.C. and SATC) mainly because it’s so easy to watch them again and again. I recently dipped back into the second season on a plane back from my holiday in Australia and it’s so interesting seeing how each of the characters have progressed and grown up. In season two, Hannah is definitely more narcissistic and selfish and I found myself cringing because some of her behaviour is so RELATABLE. (But that bit where she goes to her editor’s funeral and keeps inappropriately asking guests how she can get her e-book published, OMG, NO HANNAH.) *warning: season four spoilers below*


Season four is so different to the others. Adam is more grown-up and calm; Adam’s sister Caroline becomes a bigger character (quite literally, she is preggers. Gaby Hoffmann, what a legend); Shoshanna becomes more confident and finds herself; Jessa is told to pull herself together; we meet new characters like the annoyingly endearing Mimi-Rose and even the incredibly cool Maude Apatow made a cameo. There was a lot of ‘Ray’ air time which was cool but a bit strange at times. Marnie and Desi’s relationship gets a spotlight and makes viewers CRINGE at their intense and weird musical relationship. (I kind of appreciated that story line for making me feel like my relationship was cool as a cucumber in comparison). And perhaps the biggest thing (apart from Hannah’s Dad coming out as gay) is that Hannah finds another love who isn’t Adam! I admit I sobbed at the scene whether Hannah and Adam broke up, because we’ve seen them go through three seasons of ups and downs, but I loved the fact that the fourth season ends with Hannah bouncing along the street in a woolley hat with Fran. (WHO, BY THE WAY, is the hot guy in Obvious Child! What a lucky lucky man he is, first snogging Jenny Slate, and now Lena Dunham. Respect.)

The whole evening was really wonderful, I met other bloggers (I absolutely love discovering new blogs and YouTube channels) and we were lucky enough to receive champagne, strawberries, room service and an awesome Birchbox full of brilliant products and samples. WHAT A TREAT! The Hoxton Hotel is so lovely, even if you go and have a drink in the bar, the location is brilliant and the atmosphere is 10/10.


Download GIRLS: THE COMPLETE FOURTH SEASON, available to own and watch instantly now via Amazon Instant Video, blinkbox, Google Play™, iTunes, and Xbox Video.


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  1. Sascha says:

    Wow, this sounds like the perfect Monday indeed!

  2. Beverley says:

    Per.Fect. Monday. I can’t think of ANYTHING better than sitting in bed watching Girls and ordering room service. Oh and drinking too, obvs. Glad you had fun! 🙂

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