April 05, 2015


If you’re human, you’ll compare yourself to someone, or many many people at some point in your life. I do it daily. I compare myself to my 23-year-old sister (I can’t fit into her tiny clothes); to my mates (some of whom earn a lot of money); to my mum (who is better at remembering things than me); to my colleagues, fashion bloggers who travel the world and write blog posts in hammocks, to even strangers on the street who are laughing when I’m in a bad mood. We compare ourselves to each other minute by minute, scrolling through Instagram, wondering if other people are having more fun than us; achieving more than us all the time.

But this quote, below, by McQueen says a lot.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 16.53.43

And the reason it spoke to me (I spotted it printed on the wall at the V&A Savage Beauty exhibition) is because it is so simple, yet so hard to do. It also resonated with me because I believe it to be very wise. This year, I noticed a natural shift in my own creations, my own writing, my own risks because I wasn’t obsessing over other people’s work. Of course I read other blogs, writing, articles and creations, it’s one of my favourite things to do. I love catching up on the activities and work of my peers who I adore. But this year, something had shifted in my attitude. I was reading and absorbing, but I wasn’t comparing.

That’s their thing, and this is mine.

And it felt good.

It meant I could curb unnecessary feelings, I didn’t feel downtrodden. This year has been incredibly positive so far because I can honestly say most of my energy has been spent focusing on my own illusions.

No one is the same. Comparing yourself is the most pointless thing in the world. It’s tough, but it’s so easy to do once you realise that it’s OK to shut yourself away and work on your stuff for a while. It’s better to work to your own standards, being no better or no worse, just different.


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  1. Lola Byatt says:

    Do you know why I visit your website? Because I absolutely LOVE your writing. I just finished writing a little something for my blog, it’s now tucked away in my drafts folder. I don’t think I’ll ever publish it (or is that about to change?) and the reason why I think this is that I am just not comfortable with sharing my writing with others. Feel exposed and I’m taunted by my own voice in my head “no one cares. others write better etc etc”

    I compare myself to others ALWAYS. grr.

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