April 16, 2015

This Doesn’t Mean Yes

A shocking 43% of women aged 18-34 experience sexual harassment in public spaces in London each year, with one in five women victim of a sexual offence since the age of 16. Government statistics also indicate 85,000 women are raped and 400,000 sexually assaulted in the UK every year.

Last week I was alerted to the #ThisDoesNotMeanYes campaign – an initiative to raise awareness and combat the ongoing issue of victim-blaming. It’s about calling bullshit on these myths and the awful phrase “they were asking for it”. It shocks me to the core that anyone could say that. Or think that.

Screen Shot 2015-04-15 at 23.35.40

The team behind the campaign took to the streets of London last weekend with world-renowned photographer, PEROU, and Rape Crisis South London. This campaign has started some very real and pertinent conversations around what constitutes as sexual consent. Over 200 women were photographed and I’ve posted some of the images below.

The aim? To show through our collection of images, that no matter what a woman is wearing, she is never ‘asking for it’ and the mentality ‘she wants it’ is fundamentally wrong.

A short skirt is not a yes.

A red lip is not a yes.

A wink is not a yes.

A slow dance is not a yes.

A walk home is not a yes.

A drink back at mine is not a yes.

A kiss on the sofa is not a yes.

The only ‘yes’ is a ‘yes’.


Get involved here:




www.rapecrisislondon.org / @RASASC_London

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  1. Tori says:

    Thank you for sharing this powerful campaign, Emma – I’m with you on being shocked that any one would think anything means yes other than (wait for it!) a yes. I am so grateful people are speaking out, and letting their voices be heard on subjects such as these. Awareness must be raised.

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