April 19, 2015


FotorCreatedLook, we’ve all seen those parody/comedy YouTube videos that mock the “I’M SO BUSY!” social “status”. (Like this one called Don’t You Know How Busy And Important I am). I see it around me most days, watching someone respond to “hey, how are you?” with “OMG I’M SO FRIGGING BUSY. I’M, LIKE, ACTUALLY MEANT TO BE ON HOLIDAY BUT ACTUALLY ON LOUD SPEAKER TO TEN DIFFERENT PEOPLE RIGHT THIS SECOND. MY LIFE IS SO BUSY!!!!!!”

OK. OK. OK. We are all a bit busy. Mothers of 5 or paramedic doctors (the list goes on) are definitely busier than me with my not-even-that-full iPhone calendar. But we all like to share how #BUSY we are to make a point about our lives. Because if we’re running around like headless chickens it means we are fulfilled in our lives right? It must mean we have a PURPOSE? Hmm. Not sure.

I have written about JOMO before (the opposite FOMO: Fearing Of Missing Out – and learning to embrace the Joy Of Missing Out). I now happily admit that most of the time I want to watch lie on the sofa under a warm blanket and watch Graham Norton eating snacks over and above going out for sugary cocktails. But hey, it’s taken this long to admit that.

Anyway, jokes aside I do feel quite *busy* at the moment (working, side projects, making new flat look homely, doing my laundry [FFS] and trying to keep in touch regularly with people I love) it’s hard to do things on a whim. It is hard to make time. So, inspired by an old colleague of mine Lena, who got her mates to put in some money so she could organise a countryside week away, I thought that was an amazing idea that should be repeated and passed on to inspire others to do the same. “I’m not telling them where we’re going. I’m just telling everyone where to meet in the morning – they won’t know where until we get there”, Lena said.

So, I asked three of my friends to transfer me £70 (which could easily get spent on a few overpriced cocktails and black cab home if you end up having a bad night out in London) and I said I’d organise a secret getaway. So I looked out EasyJet’s sales page and emailed someone I knew from Air B’n’B who sent me a link to some good double bedroomed flats: so I settled on Copenhagen. The flights were less than £50 each and the Air B’n’B was £100 for the night. DONE.

I loved the fact that I was the keeper of the surprise; the only information the girls knew was that they needed to pack an overnight bag, a jacket, sunglasses and the airport we were flying from.

We stayed in Vesterbro, a really cool bit of Copenhagen a five minute walk from all the nice vintage shops, cafes and restaurants, plus the food market in the Meatpacking District, which was amazing. It felt like a day long festival, loads and loads of different pop-up food places as well as beer and wine plus fancy stuff like champagne bars (but we stuck with the plastic pints of beer.) And the sun was shining. That night we went for pizza by the canal and then ended up at a bar near our flat. Even though we just snuck away from London for two days it felt like a proper mini holiday. Lots of photos, lols, memories, late night chats in bed and the excitement of exploring somewhere new. I forget how easy and relatively cheap it is to visit other European cities from the UK. Already planning the next one. xox

Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 17.02.42 Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 17.02.35Screen Shot 2015-04-19 at 16.17.56

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  1. Sophie says:

    What a fab idea! I really want to organise one for my friends now…
    Sophie Cliff

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