May 25, 2015



Books I’ve Read This Month

  • A Work in Progress – Connor Franta (Simon & Schuster): Yes, it’s another YouTuber book. But I did not roll my eyes when I got sent this one. Bar the fact that the cover design and paper is really stylish, I really enjoyed the books themes. Despite being 22, he’s writing a memoir; but he’s in on the joke, that’s why it’s called “a work in progress” because obviously he doesn’t have it figured out, at all, yet. Chapters include topics such as “Internet fame”, his sexuality, his awkward teen years, and the highs and lows of living in LA. I enjoyed it, as a light easy read.
  • Suicide Notes From Beautiful Girls – Lynn Weingarten (Simon & Schuster): This was such a surprise to my reading list and obviously the title really threw and intrigued me. The delivery came with a notebook and pen with the book’s title engraved on it. It’s a YA book, for ages 14 and up, and is essentially a young thriller. It sort of reminded me of a dark Sweet Valley High in places. I won’t spoil it, but it’s based on a friendship between June and Delia, with the plot surrounding the death of Delia, with June trying to figure out what’s true and what’s not. The chapters also cleverly alternative perspective and in general I think there are some really interesting story-telling tactics used in the book.
  • Hot Feminist – Polly Vernon (Hodder & Stoughton): Polly’s book has ruffled some feathers and the reviews have been mixed. However, I enjoyed reading it, and that doesn’t mean to say I agreed with all of it because I really didn’t. But, I admire the bold and brave chapters, the way she tells her own story, and the way the book brings yet another perspective to feminism dialogue. Whether or not you agree with all the different trails of thought, I think this is definitely worth a read. Essentially it says, be a feminist and do what you want. We kind of knew that, but even though some people probably didn’t need the reminder, but I bet there are some readers who did, and appreciated Polly’s honesty.

  • Confessions of a Tinderella – Rosy Edwards (Penguin): I raced through this in a day. It was totally addicted from the first page. It’s relatable, funny and really moving in places. Rosy is amazing at conveying her feelings, especially instances of pathetic fallacy, and at points I had a lump in my throat. Of course it’s also funny and endearing – a must read of anyone who has dabbled with dating apps, and lives in a city that can get a bit lonely at times.
  • The Opposite of Loneliness (paper back) – Marina Keegan (Simon & Schuster): I know I know, I write about how much I love this book A LOT. But I had to include this one because the paper back version came out recently and it looks so so lovely. It’s a book I read and re-read most months so having the hardback and paperback versions sitting next to each other on my book shelf makes me really happy.
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Books On Next Month’s Reading List

  • The Alcoholic Bitch Who Ruined Your Life – Molly McAleer (Thought Catalog books) I mean, I’m kind of obsessed with @itsmolls on Twitter. She is sassy and loud and hilarious, who has worked on some cool stuff like 2 Broke Girls and lives in LA. I loved listening to her podcast “Plz Advise”. So when I realised she’s written an e-book I immediately bookmarked it and is top of reading list. CAN’T WAIT.
  • Always Pack a Party Dress – Amanda Brooks (Blue Rider Press)I haven’t started this one yet but what I can say is: it is beautiful. I know you shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover, but….it really is a pretty cover. It’s chunky, textured paper, it could even be upgraded to a coffee table book. One of the quotes on the back of the book is by Jenna Lyons and reads: “Amanda Brooks is one of those rare birds – perfectly imperfect, not overly considered impossibly real, and humble.” Yep, I’m into this already.
  • A Tale of Two Besties – Sophia Rossi (Razorbill): This looks awesome. I also adore Sophia Rossi’s Twitter feed a LOT (co-founder of Hello Giggles). It’s a fictional story two besties Harper and Lily. I think of Sophia as this cool big sister type so I think her book will so perfect for teens and totally fun and relatable. It won’t be a teen book by someone *trying* to be down with the kids; Sophia IS down with them. The foreword is also by Zoey Deschanel which is pretty darn cool and Lauren Conrad has given it a massive thumbs up.
  • You – Caroline Kepnes (Simon & Schuster): When Stephen King calls a book “hypnotic and scary, never read anything quite like it”, you just know you have to read it. I’m hoping this will fill my commute time as the sun starts to comes out I’ll need a distraction to forget how sweaty and gross it can get on the tube.
  • Frank Derrick’s Holiday of A Lifetime – J.B.Morrison (Pan Books): OMG, this story line is the cutest thing ever ever. The blurb got me hooked and I can’t wait to read it. “Frank Derrick is 82, and apparently that makes him old. He doesn’t feel old. But he’s still Frank. So when he receives a phone call from LA with news his grown-up daughter’s life falling apart, he drops everything to be with her.” My heart broke in two, as I love old people and I love reading about father/daughter relationships! Can’t wait to get stuck in.

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  1. Kerry says:

    This is such an awesome list. A few of these are on my to-read list.

  2. Sophie says:

    Woop, I always LOVE your book reviews! Excited to add these ones to my list.
    Sophie Cliff

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