May 26, 2015

Hi, Just Wanted To Let You Know About This App I’m Obsessed With.

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Where can you go, if you’re a feminist and you’re really into books?

Or you’re into fashion, but also like discussing horoscopes?

Or you’re obsessed with technology and fanatical about coffee?

Sometimes, we just want to talk about the stuff we’re interested in, with other people who are also interested in it.

Twitter’s alright for that – but it doesn’t guarantee that someone who likes your tweet will see it, or be interested into the same stuff as you. Sometimes we all put out what we’re doing, but only a small percentage will think “cool!” or “me too!” What if  you could dive into different groups and only chat about certain topics? Yeah, OK there’s Facebook groups for that, maybe, but they’re a bit dull and get a bit serious.

Meet the new app 6Tribes, which sounds a bit scary and techy and culty, but it’s not at all. It’s a fun place, on your phone, where you can chat and meet people that are into the same stuff as you. You can filter out the stuff that doesn’t interest you. Not interested in football? Well, you don’t have to join the football group and therefore all the [boring] scores that go back and forth without you seeing it. Woo.

The tribes are fab. My personal favourites are:

  • “quarter life crisis” tribe
  • coffee geeks
  • urban explorers
  • feminists
  • festivalists
  • critical thinkers (lol)
  • forever-skint fashionistas

When you first sign up the app it does a ‘scan’ of the stuff you’ve liked in the past on Facebook, the music on your phone and places you’ve traveled in order to suggest tribes that might be your vibe.

You can post something in each group. For example, I posted my blog “Why I’m Boycotting Facebook Because Everyone’s Being Too Grown Up” in “quarter life crisis” because it seemed a good place to share it. Every time you post, the community chooses if they resonate with it and give it a “bump”. Similar to Reddit, this ‘upvotes’ a post to show it’s worth checking out to other users.

I love it – I’ve found some really fab articles through it and have been opening it whenever I’ve got a minute to spare. Of course I won’t be leaving my other social networks, but this is a nice addition to discover new interesting stuff, with like-minded people.

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 16.30.48Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 16.30.54

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  1. Jess says:

    Consider it downloaded! xx

  2. Beth says:

    Downloaded! I’m excited to try this.. I find that even on the sites I love I don’t always love ALL the content so this seems ideal!

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