June 07, 2015

Embracing Imperfection

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This is my 1,000th blog post.

On average I write 700 words per post which means over four years I’ve written 720,000 words.

That’s the length of NINE books.

Apart from, it’s not, at all, because it’s string of random thoughts, with typos, on up and down days. There’s no narrative apart from mood swings, and rants, and reviews. There’s no editor. Or sales targets. Or sentences I’m massively proud of, or quotes that can be embroidered into cushions and sold on Etsy.

(I’m saving those for my book – *nervous laughter*)

But I was thinking recently about this blog, the way it’s so flawed, and so imperfect, and how I quite like that. Relatives call me to say I’ve got typos and I don’t correct them. I read back on posts from 2012 and cringe and hate the way I’ve written it and disagree with all my old opinions. Some of it, just isn’t good. But, I won’t delete them, because I bothered to write them at the time, and I should respect my previous feelings and intentions. Something must have jarred with me enough for me to pull out my laptop and write about it. And I never want to disrespect those moments.

Some posts I re-read and think YES!!! That’s what I was trying to explain in the pub but I wish I’d just asked them to read this post because I could EXPLAIN IT BETTER!

Because that’s another reason for having a blog, to selfishly mull over your own thoughts and make sense of them.

I wandered how I could find the time or energy to write 1,000 posts. The only way is because under procrastination comes ‘perfection’. Most of the time we put things off because we want them to be perfect and the thought of that makes you pull back from fear. Creating a place that doesn’t scare you, where you don’t feel judged or most importantly you don’t judge yourself, results in feelings of freedom and motivation.

People always ask what the secret is to starting, or maintaining a blog, and I think running a blog that makes you so feel safe and happy when you write and when you hit “publish”. Embracing imperfection means you won’t be riddled with anxiety. Because you have the right level of expectation. You’re just happy you wrote something.

It’s the same with any project that involves story-telling. You cannot put such strict guidelines on your work because it will never turn out the way you envision it. There will always be imperfections.

Writing is always flawed.

Let’s just tell our stories without being too hard on ourselves.

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  1. TU says:

    Great post — integrity and spontaneity will always be more interesting than alleged perfection.

  2. Yasmine says:

    I love this post!! And I couldn’t agree more, there’s always room for improvement but focusing too much on perfection usually just means not finishing anything. It’s all about balance.

    Yasmine | http://peekingduck.co

  3. Rachel says:

    Congrats on reaching 1000 – that’s awesome. And I totally agree, blogging is freeing. x


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