June 26, 2015

FACEPLACE LA-to-London facial: A review

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I recently received an invitation from FACEPLACE (newly located at the amazing Rosewood Hotel) to review a facial. But, not just any facial. FACEPLACE is pretty big in LA, named by Vanity Fair as  “the most sought after facial in LA.”

So obviously, because I am a very curious person, I wanted to try it because I wanted to SEE what it would do to my skin. Having good skin is important because it reflects your health but also can make you feel really confident even if everything else is going wrong. My skin is up and down, but on the days that I can wear no make-up and no foundation, I feel great. I love a natural look but it just depends if my skin is OK enough to let me “bare all”.

So I went along to the Rosewood and had an hour long facial with Rowan who gave me a brilliant skin consultation (i.e. told me off for not drinking enough water, for starters), and also took me through all the different stages of the facial as she went.

The products were incredible light and soft, it made me realise that the stuff I use is a bit cheap. The whole point of the facial isn’t too look like you’ve just had Botox, but to make your skin look healthy and rejuvenated. In LA, apparently seeing a facialist is like going to the dentist, you make time for it in your schedule but it’s important. I’m not massively into beauty, I don’t spend loads on make-up for example, but I feel like taking care of your skin is something else all together. I don’t see it as being vain, I see it as looking after yourself.

The facial consisted of extraction techniques, essentially this means they extract all of the dirt from under your skin, it was quite therapeutic even if *slightly* painful at times (but in a strangely enjoyable, satisfying way). The other part of the facial included a galvanic current (my science GCSE all came flooding back to me as I was explained to how all the ions/currents work). Vitamin C was being pumped into my skin for a few moments that instantly made my face glowing and less dull. In a few minutes, I looked like I’d been in the sea and sunshine for about a week.

The most amazing part of the experience is once it’s all over, your skin feels AMAZING. So fresh, and glowing and healthy. What’s great is that the facial was totally bespoke to me and my skin type which gave it exactly what it needed. (My skin was very dehydrated, whoops).

If you’d like to try it yourself (it is honestly incredible) then by quoting “Girl Lost in the City blog” you can get your facial for £100 instead of the normal £130 price for the full 75min treatment or the 45min “taster” version for £75.
I’ll also be giving away a facial on my Twitter feed so watch out for that.


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