July 11, 2015

Writing for you, and for me, and for no one

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I once read somewhere that when writing a book, or a blog or a [thing] it’s good to have one listener, or person in mind. I also heard Elizabeth Gilbert (god I love that woman) in an interview say that when she wrote Eat Pray Love she had:

“one very specific person in mind [..] my friend Darcy [..] this book became an extended letter to her.” 

This is how the book sounded so personal, like you were sat at her kitchen table with a cup of coffee between you both. This meant that the text was consistent in tone because she was writing a letter for just that one recipient and we were all eavesdropping on the story. I take onboard advice all the time, but for me, I’ve realised how tricky I find this. Who would my one person be?

There are so many different sides of my personality; I feel I am a different person to lots of different friends. I have different things I want to say for different reasons. I am puzzle pieces even to myself and I cannot write this [thing] to one person because I feel it would mean missing some bits out. I feel that this is also no bad thing; I like being a social chameleon and be able to change my tone to suit different arguments or ideas. I like to write for myself, too.

Geminis are only meant to have two sides (my main two I would say are crippling insecurity vs total unwavering confidence).

And if I wrote [it] for my mum, it would have no rude bits and my life would be depicted though a rose-tinted Instagram filter. If I wrote it for my best friend it would be a series of private jokes that would of no value to other readers. If I wrote it for my boyfriend it would go easy on the in-depth sexual references to any other man from my past and I would erase any dating stories of Teenage Past for ease. If I wrote it for the haters I would fear sharing my true self. If I wrote it for the people who think I can do no wrong I would take a tumble. All I can do is write my truest truths for all to read, and for no one to read. The reader is in mind, but I don’t know him or her, yet. I can only write from my heart, and try and summon up the [thing] I wish I could have read when I was younger to let me know everything would be OK.

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  1. Rachel says:

    Such a bloody good post. x


  2. Lorrie says:

    Good post. I sort of write to myself really. My blog posts are mostly about art. I rarely share anything intimate or personal anymore (I miss the days of Live Journal) because (glad no one I know will be reading this) I know people in my own community are reading, and when you are Mum to a child of school age, you become very guarded.

  3. When I write for myself I tend to write the best stuff. When I think about my audience, I edit before I write.

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