July 27, 2015

33 Things I’ve Learned This Year (So Far)

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It’s the end of July. WHAT?

I wanted to do a six-month reflections blog post as we’re half way through the year (already, wtf). In December which wasn’t all that long ago, I wasn’t feeling great. I was feeling VERY “meh”, very strange; just very confused. So I wanted to share the things I’ve done, as little messages that in hindsight, helped me. Of course, they are quite personal reflections so may not apply to everyone.

1. While everyone else is fighting on Twitter, do the stuff YOU want to do. While everyone else is being angry and shouting at people, you can do amazing things.

2. If you’ve had a hard day, have some wine. Or a bottle. No one will judge you.

3. The time spent offline with loved ones IS the best time. Two week holidays are recommended so that you can actually have a chance of switching off.

4. Don’t judge people for what they do at work. We do stuff sometimes that isn’t our vibe. Everyone has to pay their rent/mortgage.

5. Have a side-hustle that you love, whether that’s your blog / private writing (enter passion here) and it’ll always save you.

6. If you turn your hobby into a full-time job: WELL DONE! And prepare to nurture a love/hate relationship forever.

7. Say no more. The more you do, the more people always want from you.

8. Perfectionism is procrastination. Don’t let it stop you.

9. Tell your story and do NOT ever be silenced. Women have been told to “ssssh” for years. Don’t.

10. Be self-aware, and aware of the changing world around you. You’ll avoid offending people by accident.

11. Fight for your issues but always be aware of other people’s too.

12. Don’t listen to people when they sound like they’re trying to force something upon you.

13. Don’t be surprised when people respond angrily if you are angry.

14. Be calm whenever you can. You’ll always have a better conversation that way.

15. If you’re feeling blue, there’s lots of free stand-up comedy on YouTube.

16. Yes, life is short and yes, it’s already going quite quickly. BUT we all still have so much time to do what we want to do. So much time.

17. If you think about the same thing over and over again, it’s confirmation you want it. Go get it.

18. Friends-who-aren’t-your-real-friends have probably disappeared by now. Hang on to those that are always there.

19. Cherish the real small happy moments. The smallest of things.

20. If someone gives you advice, be grateful. But, you don’t always have to take it.

21. Books and podcasts will save you.

22. You know that thing that’s keeping you awake at night, worrying? One morning soon, you’ll wake up, the sun will be shining, and you just won’t care anymore. As if by magic.

23. The people who are happy for you: squeeze them and never let them go.

24. You’ll never be finished with education.

25. Go to the cinema on your own.

26. Money can be easily wasted. Every time you buy that dress you don’t need, you’re powering someone’s private jet. Maybe just double check you really want it. Or go to an Independent shop.


28. Always use other people’s success as an inspiration, never a set-back. Because it doesn’t work that way.

29. If you like someone’s work/project/thing: TELL THEM. They might be feeling anxious.

30. Hold back X amount of time for yourself. Don’t feel bad about it. DO YOU.

31. Always be honest. Even if it’s painful.

32. Remember: success means different things for different people.

33. Don’t read lists.

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