August 06, 2015

Interviewing Rainbow Rowell about books, fangirls and WRITING

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Some days are better than others. That’s just how it works. And today, my interview with Rainbow Rowell has been published on GLAMOUR and I am sat here just thinking how much I adore her and her books and how happy I am to have had some PERSONAL CONTACT with such a brilliant and talented author such as Rainbow.

The interview is published on the Glamour Magazine website here, do have a read.

I also asked Rainbow some extra more informal and nosy questions for my blog. So lucky readers, here is my another exclusive interview with the one and only Rainbow Rowell:

Emma: When I have writer’s block I just pick a book up of the shelf and read and it calms me and often prompts new ideas. What do you do when you feel stuck?

Rainbow: At first I just make myself keep going. I choose a scene and go, giving myself permission to write badly. But if I keep hitting a wall, I take a break. Sometimes you’re just exhausted, and it’s pointless to try.

E: How did it feel the first time you saw your book on the shelf?

R: It didn’t seem real. As someone who loves books, it just didn’t seem possible that I could make that leap and be that person.

E: Do you ever read your books again after they are published?

R: Hmm. No. I don’t go back, usually. I did reread Eleanor & Park when I was working on the screenplay. And I listened to some of the audiobook because I love the narrator so much.

E: Do you read Amazon or have Google Alerts, or do you tend to not read too many of your book reviews?

R: Oh, no. I don’t think that’s helpful. It’s nice to hear the compliments, but the criticisms are so much louder — and the meaner they are, the more they stay with you.

E: Any advice for people looking for literary agents? What do you think is the most important thing about that relationship?

R: Trust, probably. I’d say to just keep trying. And don’t let any one person’s opinion of your book get you down.

E: I LOVE YOUR BOOK COVERS. They are my favourite of any author and so unique to your overall brand. How involved were you in choosing them? 

R: Thank you! My level of involvement really varies. I’m very active in my U.S. covers — lots and lots of talking about what I’m trying to accomplish with the book, the vibe and personality. I have less input (and rely more on luck) with my other covers. But I still weigh in.

E: Do you ever write in your phone notes, or in any strange places other than your computer?

R: I send myself texts sometimes. Or I’ll jot something down on paper. Usually I talk through my ideas with a friend, in depth, then makes lot of notes.

E: Do you let any of your family/friends read your material before it’s sent off?

R: It depends. My brother has already read my next book, Carry On, twice. I wanted his input as someone who reads a lot of fantasy. And my sister was the first person to read my book, Attachments,  long before it was done.

E: I love the title of Fangirl (and the book, obvs). Who do you fangirl over?

R: Oh, lots of things! For the last couple of years it’s been the TV show Sherlock. 

E: Oh and your name is amazing. Is there a story behind why you were named Rainbow?

R: Thank you — my mother thought it was a good idea. She doesn’t care much for convention. I never liked it as a child, but I’ve learned to appreciate it. Good luck with your book!

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