August 11, 2015

Digging Deep: I’m Bringing Out The Blog Archives

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1. Even Lady Gaga Needs A Night In (2012)

About how Lady Gaga admitting she has nights in watching Will & Grace made me feel so much better about life.

2. A Happy Environment Makes People Work Harder (2012)

About how (for me) nice people make me work harder for them. I’m not a fan of tough love at work.

3. The Future Of Journalism (2014)

I went to talk and it got me thinking about the industry. Skip if you’re not in the mood for “industry chat”.

4. Miley Cut Off All Her Hair and So Did I (2012)

Yep, Miley cut her hair, so did I. And I felt free.

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5. On Creating Magic (2014)

On JK Rowling and how her writing was magic.

6. A Quote about Work and Play (2013)

A quote I always come back to, about how “work” and “play” don’t always need to be polar opposites.

7. A Man Who Loves His Job (2012)

An informal review of one of my favourite documentaries, Bill Cunningham in New York.

8. Age in the Workplace (2012)

I talk about ageism in the workplace. The fact that people have always enjoying pointing out how “young” I am which would always make me feel awkward.

9. A Pledge To Write Everyday (2013)

Three years into blogging, I’m giving myself a little pep-talk as blogging starts to become more saturated and scarier place.

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10. Why Has Everyone Got An Issue With Working From Home? (2013)

Yahoo’s CEO Marissa Mayer bans anyone from working from home and I argue that “WFH” is totally normal; now that we have the Internet we don’t need to be chained to our desks.

11. Stop Asking Me To Do Stuff For Free (2012)

A post about getting annoyed with companies thinking I was just a robot who would do stuff for free, even a few years after my first internship.

12. GIRLS, Finale. My 2p (2013) 

One of the very first things I wrote about GIRLS and Lena Dunham.

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13. How to Deal With a Bad Review (2015)

This was inspired partly by the movie Birdman and partly by Tim Minchin’s Desert Island Discs.

14. Beating Around The Bush  (2014)

A review of a comedy show about rape, by Adrienne Truscott.

15. I Need An Idea Now, Please (2012) 

About how creative industries keep rushing people for ideas, but good ideas take time.

16. Buying Fans is Social Suicide  (2013)

I watched a C4 Dispatches documentary “Celebs, Brands and Fake Fans“ about how brands and people buy followers and get all sorts of massive brand deals. Gross.

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17. The Word “Success” Needs A Rebrand (2014) 

I read a column from Zosia Mamet about success and it made me reflect on my own definitions, and how it’s different for everybody.

18. We Have Our Own Choice Of Sisters (2015) 

I read a book called Best Friends Forever so I wrote about my best friends and how intense and magical female friendship is.

19. How To Get Stuff Done When You’re Mega Busy (2013) 

Some tips I find useful to get “extra” stuff done when you already feel like your head is about to fall off.

20. I Interview Grace Helbig (2015) 

I met with Grace Helbig and asked her about multitasking, comparison to other YouTubers and what to say to #haters.

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21. The Opposite Of Loneliness (2014) 

I talk about my favourite book of essays, ever, and how sad it makes me.

22. The Online Friend Crush (2014) 

I explain how much I use Twitter for making new friends and how there is nothing strange about that, even though making friends online is still (I think) is classed as a bit “weird.”

23. Why You Need To Watch Obvious Child (2014) 

A film with comedy, abortion, romance and Jenny Slate.

24. What If Your Blog Doesn’t Fall Into A Category? (2014) 

I wrote about how my blog was never able to be entered into many awards because it’s not “beauty” or “fashion” or “crafts” or [enter here]. It’s just my thing with no box to fall into.

25. Keeping Books Alive (2014) 

This is one of my favourite blog posts. I took a different route home on my commute and found the most delightful little book shop that had me floating on a cloud for days.

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