August 11, 2015

Meeting Amy Schumer

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Yes, my face looks like a startled rabbit.

We sat in a beautiful hotel room in central London wiping our laptop screens because we didn’t want our computers to have a speck of dirt on them for our Big Moment meeting Queen Amy Schumer. Amy walked into the room with tousled blowdried hair and a cup of coffee, and said: “look at you all – you look heavenly” and BAM: she made us feel really welcome and comfortable within 30 seconds of meeting her. We were doing a Twitter takeover for GLAMOUR, and she said to her sister (who is also her road manager) that she wanted do a tweet: “errrr does anyone know my password?”

We were already chuckling. She is, as you’d expect, just naturally funny. You know what I mean: it’s often not what is said, but how it is said. Amy could read a shopping list and I think I would still honk. Yes she is controversial. Yes her publicist was shaking her head a little bit at her responses. But hey: Amy is Amy.

“You won’t believe what happened this morning” she said, and I suddenly forgot we were in a posh hotel room doing an important interview but as if we were just catching up over a hot drink as she told us the details of how she’d just been on Lorraine (the TV show) and they’d set her up with an interview with Gaby Roslin, who she accidentally called Lorraine, because she thought that it was Lorraine. I mean, how was she to know? She’d never been on Lorraine before. “The producers didn’t f*cking tell me!” We all tutted, felt annoyed for Amy and very much on her side. Reading a ridiculous tabloid headline (Amy Schumer calls Gaby Roslin ‘Lorraine’ during Lorraine and it’s really awkward) about the celebrity when the celebrity is sat right next to you makes it all very real and a tad unpleasant. Celebrities aren’t made of other materials. Amy was fine about it, but you could tell it still wasn’t totally ideal when she was just trying to promote her film. And how unfair; we agreed that if anyone of us ever went on an American talk show we wouldn’t have a clue what any of the hosts look like. Such an easy mistake to make.

Before we got started we had an unexpected guest walk into the room and Amy introduced him like a random friend she had: “You guys this is Judd.” We know exactly who you are, we thought to ourselves. You’re Judd Apatow.

We then rolled right into the interview which consisted of reading out tweets that had been sent in from Glamour readers and die-hard Schumer fans and every single answer was effortlessly witty. No answer was generic or dull. We loved it. My favourite quote of hers: “love yourself like your own mother”. She gave Ella (my lovely GLAMOUR colleague) advice for her Tinder bio, and she told us about her BFF J-Law.

Go and see Trainwreck, out September 14th. Like Amy, it’s very very good fun.

You can read the round up of tweets here on


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