August 19, 2015

How to think up new ideas when you’re stuck


buy a new notepad that you’re sexually attracted to

go for a walk, alone, with no phone

you might feel awkward, but no distractions is good

go for dinner with someone you love

really talk. listen. talk. listen.

look up someone you used to know

are they different now?

sit on the top deck of the bus

go for a drink with an old, old friend

ask: what irritates you?

watch a random documentary

go to a second-hand bookstore, pick up the dustiest-looking one

google the author

talk to the book shop owner, they will know everything

ask book shop owner their favourite book

ask book shop owner their favourite character in a book

meet up with a random person of Twitter

(check they’re not a murderer first)

download a podcast, ps. I made a list here.

pick up a book of your bookshelf you’ve never read

do you like it? or hate it? why?

drink some wine

or beer

only a bit, though

have a nap and write down the first things you think of

same with longer sleeps, and dreams

sit on a train with a piece of paper up your sleeve

no pressure

people watch at your favourite café

see anything weird?

discover new blogs

look at old photos

feels horrible

download Timehop again

do something mind-numbing, like hoovering or tidying your wardrobe

let your mind wander while doing the mind-numbing thing

ask a friend their funniest memory

shower. good ideas happen in the shower

watch an interview on YouTube with a celebrity/public figure you love

watch an interview on YouTube with a celebrity/public figure you hate

write down a quote they say

go to the cinema on your own

go somewhere with no WIFI


write a hand-written letter to someone

don’t plan what you’re going to say

read the ending of your favourite book again

think up a different ending

write an open letter to anything, anyone

be angry about something in the news

imagine your dreamiest scenario

read a trashy magazine

listen to random conversations on the bus

email someone who lives in another country, ask them questions about it

go a new place anywhere new

read your favourite blogs

find a clever new writer

go to a vintage shop and dig around

just write anything

delete everything

write some more

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  1. Nicole says:

    Please tell me where these notebooks come from! x

  2. Nabeela says:

    You’ve listed so many great things that have definitely sparked some ideas so thank you! Love posts like this, really interesting to see what ideas people come up with. Hope you’re having the best day!!

    Nabeela xo

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