September 13, 2015

A solo weekend trip to Ibiza

IMG_2306I went to Ibiza on my own this weekend to stay at the Sol Beach House. The idea was to go on a travel review trip in order to have some peace and quiet away from stuffstuffstuff and finish off some writing (DEADLINES LOOMING) and to tweak my blog layout (hope you like the updated design!) Here’s a META picture of my new blog layout, on my blog. For one weekend only I was that annoying blogger who was lying on a hammock and writing my FEELINGS! But I must assure you this is a once in a blue moon occasion, this is not a normal regular occurrence. This blog is not going to start becoming one of those Blogger Who Lies in A Hammock All Day Next To Her Chanel Bag Type Of Blog, mainly because that physically could not be a reality without me robbing someone and then I’d be a criminal. I won’t do that.

FullSizeRender (19)

I didn’t really feel that alone though, mainly because I wasn’t that switched off from stuff (how can you, for just Fri-Sun?) – because my sister was Whatsapping me about her hangover, I was on a group chat with the work girls and our resident NYFW Instagrammer Laura Whitmore, and I was tweeting sunglass-wearing selfies, obviously. It reminded me of a podcast I listened to recently with Cheryl Strayed talking about her incredible memoir WILD and how back, in the 80s, she was actually on her own during the hike. But now – if you were going to go off “on your own” for 4 months hiking you would speak to people via your phone or the Internet. You just would. It would be a totally different experience to what she had: she did actually have total solitude. But I was having a solo weekend in Ibiza, not a 4 month hike so THAT IS NOT THE SAME AT ALL OBVIOUSLY. Sol Beach House is a beautiful, newly-renovated building with bright sea-view rooms with two large outdoor pools and live music in the evenings.


Um, on a shallow side note I made so many random friends by pool with my Clueless bag! I nabbed this in the GLAMOUR offices when everyone was doing a desk clear-out and *gasp* turned out someone was going to throw out this WONDROUS novelty bag so obviously I took it and gave it a good home. A random old man in the breakfast café even shouted across the tables “WAY HARSH TAI” when he saw me walk in with it on my shoulder – I mean, fair play dude – although you are not the usual ~target market~ for Clueless but I respected his knowledge.


The room was lovely. It was the “Junior Xtra suite” and everything (I mean everything) was designed by the Spanish brand Desigual in really bright colours. It was impossible not to feel happy in this room with multicoloured bedding and dressing gowns to put on – it was very “Club Tropicana dreams are free” vibes.

I really love my own company in small doses (I also crave company, so I definitely couldn’t do a solo trip for weeks, or months – the idea of that makes me shudder) – so even though it was a relief to be away from constant socialising the whole having-dinner-on-my-own-thing I’m still not very good at, even if it’s just for a few nights. I guess I just think food is synonymous with being social. I always think of having food with someone else – it’s always an excuse to catch up with someone, over a tasty meal, in or out – wherever that might be. But the restaurant at the Sol Beach House was perfect for solo-dining – there was other people who were eating on their own too. Dinner was served at a pool-side restaurant, a beer, and a really yum sea bass with potatoes, onions and peppers. Holiday vibes. Solo holiday vibes.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 15.36.12

I must say, I enjoyed being able to sip my beer and read my book with zero interruptions. The amazing humans at Penguin Random House sent me a proof copy of Mindy Kaling’s new book Why Not Me? I read 50 pages in one go and kept snorting out loud to myself. (That’s one other awkward thing about being on your own, no one to laugh off any embarrassing situations with you, like falling over, or loudly snorting by accident.) I won’t do a ~spoiler alert~ mainly because it’s not out yet until next week and I’ll get in trouble but OMGZZZZ I love it. It was great to have some solo-dinner reading time because it was novelty and wouldn’t happen normally – but I wouldn’t want to do it all the time. DINNERS ARE FOR PEOPLE AND FRIENDS AND DEEP CHATS! But I totally recommend solo weekend trips if you’ve got cool stuff you want to do – or if you never have time for yourself – even just to do fun creative stuff, that isn’t anything to do with work, book some cheap flights on Ryanair (if you can brave them, go for it!) I’ve felt like this weekend was longer than a normal weekend just because I was out of the normal routine, y’know? I feel so so so so so lucky to live in London so I can just “get away” for weekends like this.

There was also really cool desk spaces just in side with the pool (and bar) still in sight. I had to be strict with myself to get some writing done, so this was perfect for me. GREAT LAMPS, TOO. Who doesn’t love a good lamp.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 16.18.15

Thanks for having me, Sol Beach House, for hosting a lovely weekend away. The humidity turned me into Mufasa The Lion but I kinda liked it.

Check out the Sol Beach House website here.


3 Responses

  1. Flo says:

    What a gorgeous hotel! I’m terrible at being on my own I always end up seeking a stranger out to chat to. I can’t wait for Why Not Me to come out, do you think it will be a finish in one read kind of book?
    Flo x

  2. Maddie says:


    I haven’t had a single day off since January (I know you were technically still working here but whatevs). This plce looks heavenly. Can’t wait to get my hands on the book when it’s out! xx

  3. Ibiza Intro says:

    Sounds like a great trip and what a great blog! I have stayed at Sol Beach House a few times now and always been great! Are you in Ibiza regulary?

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