September 23, 2015

An Interview and OOTD with Primark

“You can’t wear all black to Fashion Week,” I read on a blog somewhere.


Personally, I think just wear whatever makes me feel happy and allows you to walk and move properly. Whatever makes you feel good.

I love experimenting with different styles. I don’t take what I wear at all seriously. It makes me happier to know that whatever I wear is just representative of how I feel that day. Sometimes it’s a pair of statement sunnies (I have an absurd collection of strange glasses), sometimes it’s a huge jumper or a scarf that covers my whole body and sometimes I want to wear a posh frock and get my legs out because YOLO and Sally Hansen fake tan is a genius invention. Anything goes basically. Sometimes I actually like it when someone wrinkles their nose at something, like my leopard print culottes in the previous post. It makes me want to wear them even more.  You can read my “finding my own style” blog post here if you like.)

The lovely people at Primark photographed and interviewed me for their website here, which was really fun to do. We ran around London Fashion Week taking photos and eating food and exploring the new Soho venue.


This time around for London Fashion Week, I wanted to wear something classic and simple. Tight black ribbed roll neck, chunky coat and gold buttoned up skirt from Primark, shoes by Carvela (the comfiest wedge I ever did wear), leather rucksack from Urban Outfitters, earrings and sunglasses from various boutiquey places. Breaking all sorts of #LFW rules by smiling like a loon below. That’s because the photo is being taken by the unstoppable talent that is Holly McGlynn who makes being photographed really fun, and not at all weird or scary. I also love a bit of lipstick in the daytime, even though I always get it on my teeth. It’s worth the faff though so have a good reddy pink on ya lips in my opinion. This one is Rimmel and very creamy – I can’t stand anything too dry.

IMG_6213 IMG_6063


All photography by Holly McGlynn for Primark.

This post is in collaboration with Primark; trust me I am really digging their new season clothes.

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