October 01, 2015

Things I’ve Discovered This Month

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This blog is my diary after all, just wanted to capture some good finds from this month. <3

  • Brené Brown’s new book.

Discovering Brené Brown’s book Rising Strong. I was already a huge fan of her Ted Talk on the power of vulnerability but you get to know her more personally through her books – it is very honest and practical. It’s confirmed thoughts in my head that I had but couldn’t properly make sense of.

  • Thinkergirl podcast.

I’m going on this podcast as a guest in a few weeks hosted by two very cool Australian girls – excited! Although I am having to do it at 7.30am cos they are Down Under. But I can already tell it’ll be worth it for the chats. Check them out here.

  • How much I love Medium.

Mainly to read personal essays. Also The LightHouse which is a section all about connection and communication. My post featured on there!

  • The radio station CliffCentral.com

I went on the show the same day I met Drew Barrymore (WHAT IS LIFE!!!!!) so I was slightly rabbit in the headlights, but it was so much fun chatting and the host Ayre Kellman was SO NICE TO ME! You can listen here, my interview starts at 9.20. There’s always such interesting conversations going on over there. It’s called “the Howard Stern of South Africa” I read somewhere.

  • This podcast about Lenny and “snark-free feminism”.

This is a special hour-long interview with Kara Swisher, Lena Dunham and Jenni Konner talk about their new newsletter publication, Lenny. Love it. Lots and lots of interesting stuff came up, especially interesting if you work in the media / at a magazine.

  • My editor Jo Elvin’s November letter

On how it’s OK not to be liked.

  • Suffragette the movie.

Loved it so much. Can’t stop thinking about it. Cried A LOT.

  • How much I love solo travel

But only for a long weekend. Read my solo Ibiza adventure/review here.

  • How cool it was having a guest writer this week!

This guest post on my blog by the lovely author and journalist Katy Birchall about imposter syndrome and learning to not shrug off your success. If you are interested in writing a guest-post (maybe you have something to promote?) then drop me a line at girllostinthecityblog@gmail.com.

  • The photographer Damon Baker.

Who I had the ultimate pleasure to meet this week on the secret GLAMOUR cover shoot. Check out his Instagram here.

  • How amazing it feels to finish a first draft

Getting to 80,000 of my book this month meant everything to me. GETTING THERE!!

  • What a total boss Candace Bushnell is.

I was lucky enough to go along to a VIP talk by Candace Bushnell discussing her new book Killing Monica and she spoke a lot about the early stages of her career, keeping motivated, luck, hard-work and how to deal with keeping your creative juices going. I did some live-tweeting of her life/career advice.

  • This blog post by Seth Godin

Called “the 2% who misunderstand you” really spoke to me – about how it’s OK to realise that some people won’t get what you’re trying to do and how it’s OK for you to say “it’s not for you.” 

  • How lovely Jessie Cave is.

I did a little interview over coffee with Jessie Cave for Glamour magazine and she’s a human sparkle of creativity.

  • My first book mention….

Thanks Bustle and Emma Oulton for including me in their 8 Books You’ll Love If You’re Obsessed with Blogging.

  • Big Magic, of course

I’ve learned SO MUCH from Elizabeth Gilbert’s Big Magic this month, I’ve been championing it A LOT. I feel so raring to go with all my creative projects after reading it. Also, Liz linked to my blog on her Facebook page which was TOO COOL.

  • A new favourite blog

Alexandra Lyles-King’s blog The Street Where I Live. Also I did a home/career interview on there and LOVED doing it!

  • Reading my teen diary on stage is STILL fun

Even the third time around doing I still TOTALLY love doing Cringe UK, reading my teen diary on stage in a pub. It makes you feel like your doing stand-up comedy even if everyone knows you’re not really.

  • Listening to Darken The Page

The newest episode of Darken the Page podcast, featuring my girl Laura Jane Williams.

  • The Brainpickings revamp

One of my favourite sites BrainPickings has had a site refresh and it looks MEGA CUTE.

  • Recently I’ve realised how great it feels to say “no” to stuff you don’t want to do!!!!!

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