October 13, 2015

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There are so many ways to express ourselves online these days – Instagram, blogging, podcasting, Twitter, LinkedIn (still not 100% onboard with that one) – but what I started personally feeling was that I was missing a smaller more intimate community of people away from all the noise. Like the old blogging days. I love the feeling of a positive message popping into an inbox that isn’t strictly ‘a work email’. If you fancy an easily digestible email of brilliant things to read and get you inspired for the week ahead, then come and join the gang. I love this creative community of people who sign up to a weekly newsletter. It’s lovely to hear back from you in my emails too.

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Illustration by natalieharney.com

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  1. Joanne Loch says:

    Really enjoy your podcast, so thought I would sign up for more! Thanks 😉

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