November 09, 2015

The Rosebery aka Gossip Girl xoxo

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Reviewing an aparthotel in London with friends, writing in bed, having a look at the Gherkin.


I do love hopping around reviewing things for this blog. One of the perks of sweating over a keyboard hungover on Sunday nights. However this time round, I didn’t go very far at all. Approx 30 minutes from home. I recently stayed for the weekend at the Rosebery in Clerkenwell – a gorgeous building, which houses 58 suites housed in a restored Victorian red brick building, moments away from Chancery Lane tube. It’s an aparthotel – a new word I’ve recently discovered. Part hotel, but more like a mini apartment. Somewhere you can properly chill and just escape from it all. (Whilst all my laundry was piling up at home.)

It was really relaxing to stay somewhere near home but away from home – and in the comfort of a little apartment with everything you need. I wouldn’t go as far to say I felt like I was a holiday or anything because I know London so well, but I managed to get writing done there because it was so peaceful. Then some friends came over in the evening and we drank loads of wine and got the best out of the Sky Plus available.

The modern reception area is available 24/7, and you can reservation meals through them. There’s a gym on site although I didn’t get round to using it (cough) and there is an amazing little café next door called Printworks Kitchen. Home-made sandwiches, smoothies, and all that organic stuff but without being pretentious. The decor was really lovely too. Will definitely go back as you can’t beat a café with good food, good flowers, and a chilled out atmosphere.

Sidenote: the floors in the apartment were good for dancing slash sliding around in socks. I uploaded Instagram videos of me and two friends dancing which I instantly regretted the next morning. I blame the corner shop across the road which sold very nice and very cheap wine. The beds were THE BEST for a lie-in.

More information here. Lovely place to stay if you fancy a home away from home for a night.


DSC_1076 INTERIOR 3 (exec one bed) DSC_1097


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  1. Beckie says:

    This looks gorgeous- really want to stay here. Bookmarked this on my browser! x

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