December 04, 2015

The Power Of A Bath

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If something bad has happened, you’ll find me in the bath.

It’s my go-to hiding place. But it’s not a miserable place – quite the opposite. It’s a place I go to get my power back. Sure, I run it, pottering around, feeling a bit “meh” but once I get in, shake off all my negative thought-bubbles and plunge into the water, I’m about 45 minutes away from being back on track. I remember there was a week or so where I felt so gutted about something, it had hit me round the head like a frying pan, and went on a daily mission to re-heal and get over it. Hot oily bath water definitely helped.

I’m not a *beauty blogger* as you know – but I don’t like snobbery around people who seem against the beauty industry is some way.  Obviously I don’t believe twenty-somethings need to be bombarded with expensive anti-aging creams, but every day products can be a life-saver. Even though I’m a cheap mascara kinda girl, I can’t deny what a good mood a nice bath product can put me in. Lots of different products are little emotional back-ups. I love having a cabinet full of things that relax me. Especially moisturisers. It’s self-care and a rare moment of me-time. Beauty products are so much more than just a vanity thing. So much more.

The other night I was in a dangerously hot bath listening to a Gloria Steinem podcast and coating myself in Wild Argan oil from Body Shop. It’s part of a ritual to say: let’s have a minute to not think about stuff.

The Wild Argan Oil for hair made me feel like I was giving my much-ignored hair some much-needed love, the lip balm helped my lips that have been chapped by the cold, the body butter to have an indulgent moment before bed, waiting for it to dry while reading a bit of my book.

For me it really is amazing that a good relaxing product can actually change your stress levels. I felt lighter. I slept better.

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Shop the Wild Argan Oil here: This post is part of the Body Shop 24 Days Of Festive Surprises advent calendar.

Yes this post is technically sponsored by The Body Shop. I’m huge fan of these products and they inspired this post. I legit love them.

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  1. Jen Rogers says:

    Love the containers colour of this product and I am sure the contents will be gorgeous.

  2. I love a good bath. And I love how you gave life to a sponsored post.

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