December 19, 2015

5 Favourite Articles I Keep Re-Reading

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Anyone that subscribes to my newsletter knows that I read a lot of stuff on the Internet. I have some really good Twitter lists so I always make sure I’m reading my favourite writers’ new stuff etc. These five below are ones that have stuck with me and I find myself re-reading them because I love the concept and they are comforting in some way.

1. On picking my brain

Forbes – No You Can’t Pick My Brain It Costs Too Much

This article sums up how I feel when people think that they can just ask people for coffee and free knowledge. No. Obviously meeting up and making new friends is different but a stranger asking if they can “pick your brain” about something they are working on and that has NO benefit to you? It’s just rude.

2. On mentorship

New Yorker – Seeing Nora Everywhere

I love this so much I printed it out. When Lena Met Nora. To me, it really sums up a real true female friendship and mentorship. Sometimes “bookmarking” something online isn’t the same.

3. On “saving print” media

Medium – If You’re Trying To Save Print You’re Missing The Point

This is really poignant piece about the way the media industry is headed. Stop obsessing over “print” and “digital” and start thinking of a good content idea and THEN what platform it should live on.

4. On why people write

Thought Catalog – Why Do You Write So Much?

When people ask “how do you find the time?” or “why do you write so much?” I feel like I don’t have an answer. So when Ryan Holiday wrote this piece it was like he’d published the inner workings of mind so I didn’t have to.

5. On the Internet and “art”

Medium – The State Of Art 

I adore Jamie Varon’s writing. She writes about being an artist in the digital world, something that is often on my mind: do people take you less seriously? Are we worse off now that anyone can attack your art on social media? Can we make “real” art if we are constantly hashtagging every element of our lives? This piece in particular comments on how social media may be demanding too much of artists these days.

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