December 21, 2015

Books, books, books! December Top Picks

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WOOPSIES! It’s been a while since I’ve done my book picks of the month. Last one was September. I think my New Year’s Resolution will be making sure I do this monthly (yeah yeah, whatever).

So here it goes for December. Hopefully this isn’t too late for VERY LAST MINUTE book gifts.


Jerry Weintraub – When I Stop Talking You’ll Know I’m Dead

This was a very interesting read from the man who managed the careers of Elvis Presley to Frank Sinatra – became a millionaire aged 26 – and includes life lessons about how to persevere when life gets a bit shit and the power of the “art of persuasion”. (Have you noticed that I really love reading memoirs?)

Haruki Murakami – Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki

I adore Murakami’s writing. I’m quite a fast reader but I read his book’s very slowly – sometimes I stop on a sentence for ages and re-read it. I always think how mad it is that it’s all translated so beautifully from Japanese and how it’s probably even MORE beautiful in it’s original version. I read the first 4 pages in the book shop, totally captured by it, and then bought it quickly and tore through it on the tube home. It covers a lot of Murakami’s regular themes: loneliness, friendship, solving deep and personal problems with a lot of symbolism along the way.

Cheryl Strayed – Brave Enough

This is a book of quotes by my fave Cheryl Strayed, I was ~slightly~ skeptical at first mainly because I thought I’d probably read all her quotes before, so I probably wouldn’t need the book. But actually, so many I hadn’t come across and it’s comforting to have a physical copy of Cheryl’s wise words. The book is called an “instruction manual for the soul” and that’s exactly what it is. Love it. I bought one for my friend Laura too – it’s like giving someone a hug to keep.

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Nora Ephron – The final interview

I read this entire book in one sitting (in the bath, in fact). It gives an incredible insight into the way Nora used to work. I loved learning more about the creative process behind her columns, her directing style, what it was like to work with Tom Hanks and she even goes into detail about how much she got paid as a columnist etc. As someone who is fascinated about scriptwriting, it was a total must-read for me. I am now pretty hooked on the “final interview” book series and have just ordered a few more about different well-known creatives.

Tavi Gevinson – Rookie Year Book Four

This is such a lovely book to have, to keep as a coffee-table book or collector’s item. It’s edited by queen Tavi herself but hosts the writings of some well-known legends such as TLC, FKA Twigs, and Laverne Cox – as well as some writers we all know and love from the website. A perfect read for teens – but perfect read for people who aren’t teens too. These teens are so incredibly wise beyond their years talking light topics, but also the serious stuff.

Lucy Van Pelt – How To Be A Grrrrl

This is a GENIUS book. We all love Lucy as being the crabby little madam from the Peanuts gang. It’s a fun feminist manual about how to be who you darn well what to be.

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Garance Dore – Love X Style X Life

I absolutely LOVED this book. Not only is it stunning to look at (the cover and colours are #totally #Instagrammable) but it’s a really gorgeous read too. I am not a ~fashion girl~ by any means, and I wasn’t sure if it was going to be too “fashiony” for me – I hate London Fashion Week for example. But this book is about so so much more than that. Garance weaves in personally storytelling with her beautiful visuals and you really get a sense of who she is and what fashion means to her on a deeper level. This is what I can 100% connect with: expressing ourselves through what we wear.

Alida Nugent – You Don’t Have To Like Me

I love Alida Nugent, a New York blogger/writer who I just KNOW I’d get on really well with if we were to meet. I stumbled across Alida’s blog The Frenemy back in 2012 and interviewed her for the blog, and now she’s a twice published author and I feel my heart swell with pride! Her second book You Don’t Have To Like Me is witty and conversation, covering topics like Finding Feminism. Her writing is hilarious and it feels like you’re just listening to a friend talk, who’s maybe had a few drinks.


Anna North – The Life and Death of Sophie Stark

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  1. MyBookJacket says:

    Oh my. Nora Ephron AND Murakami in one post. I love this! I’ve read just t Nora Ephron books and I really need to grab morn thankfully the final interview isn’t one of them. So I have someone new to add to the list now. I haven’t read colourless Tsukuru Tasaki either. I’d heard both bad and good reviews. I look forward to your regular posts in 2016.

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