December 28, 2015

The Women Who Made My Year

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It’s CHRIMBO LIMBO!!! By that I mean the weird in between bit between Christmas and New Year. I wanted to take this opportunity while I relax in front of the TV with my family, a chocolate orange and a cheesy film to write this blog post celebrating the women who added a bit of sparkle and happiness to my year. In no particular order.

My Best Friends:
Polly, Emma, Charlotte, Georgie

My best mates from school who are my rocks. ‘Nuff said.

BeFunky Collage

My Agent:
Robyn Drury

I have to thank and celebrate Robyn with lots of Waving-My-Hands-In-The-Air-Emojis. Robyn helped me secure my book deal with Penguin Random House this year which I announced in July in 2015. The book is coming out in July 2016. I would not have been able to do it without her. You can read more about how I found Robyn/and my relationship with her here. She is the best. Of course I can’t forget to also thank Sara at Ebury for believing in the book. Both these women are so awesome.

My Cheerleaders:
Laura Jane Williams, Megan Gilbride, Alex Cameron

I’ve spent some wonderful weekends with these three talented women this year and I’m grateful for their constant support. They make me so incredibly happy and fulfilled and always give me a lot to think about. They always give me their honest opinion at all times and we have so much in common even though our career paths are all totally different. Laura has become an extremely close friend over the past year or so, and I am SO EXCITED to share the experience of our debut books being published next year together. She has been my Number One Cheerleader of 2016 and I am very grateful for her.

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My Superhero:
My Mum

She is always there. Never expecting anything in return. It’s been so nice to spend time together this Christmas.

My Favourite Person on Twitter:
Ashley C Ford

Ashley is bloody amazing and I feel like when we meet one day WHICH WE WILL I am going to love her even more. I love following her honest and interesting Twitter feed: whether she’s sharing her inner thoughts, questioning the bonkers world we live in, making a stand, sharing her vulnerable moments or cheerleading others, she is one of my favourite people on the Internet. She is her own boss and she makes me braver.

My Sidekick:
Joanna Gannon

My sister Jo moved to London this year after living in Sydney and it’s amazing to have her living nearby again. She has always been my partner-in-crime, the person I can open up to about the things that bother me the most. She is also the only person I let read my book from start to finish before I sent it to my publisher. She knows everything and I really valued her honest feedback when I was still in a place when I wasn’t ready to show anyone anything. She’s allowed to be brutal with her feedback.

My Inspiration:
Lena Dunham

Lena has cheered me on from afar this year and always made me feel like I Can Do It in times when I thought I couldn’t. I admire her ability to give time to others even when she is SUCH a busy person. I respect her HUGELY.

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 21.10.48

My “Woah” Moment:
Liz Gilbert

I reviewed Liz’s book on my blog this year and lots of people tweeted/Instagrammed me saying they’d bought her book off the back of my recommendation, which was amazing! Earlier in the year Liz invited me to her book launch lunch and I got to meet and chat with her. She is so kind and wise. I wrote about meeting her and losing my cool here.

My Ray Of Internet Light:
Katie Oldham

Katie’s blog is such a wonderful thing to read. She is a creative old soul and her writing is beautiful and totally unique. She’s become a great mate over the past year or so – all through us finding each other’s blogs. I really love that.

My Go-Getter Pal:
Stevie Martin

I’ve seen Stevie on stage as part of her comedy sketch group Massive Dad 3 times this year. Because I’m her biggest fan. She is hilarious and brilliant and such a fun friend to have. (We are very hungover in this below photo).

Screen Shot 2015-12-28 at 21.01.53

My Favourite “Tell Me What To Think!” Author:
Brené Brown

Brené’s books and YouTube interviews and Ted Talks have changed how I feel about a lot of things this year. They have helped me overcome personal problems or figure out answers to a few things bothering me. Her work has enabled me to let go of what people think about me.

My Brave Friend:
Zoe Sugg

Zoe is way more than just Britain’s Number One YouTuber. She is a courageous. She is a business woman. She broadcasts and creates unique content to audience of almost ten million. She is honest about her life and uses her channels to communicate all the real things that go on: how she deals with criticism, her anxiety, any hard decisions. She’s a brave, real and wonderful person.

My Newly Discovered Writer Crush:
Dani Shapiro

I only really discovered Dani’s writing this year when I started Googling her after reading an article she wrote for ELLE. I’ve loved her books and her blog and I’m so happy to add her to my list of “writers I adore.”

Which women changed your year, this year?

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  1. Zeynab says:

    I love this post, I can’t explain it but I feel really touched by it . It’s important and incredible that you have these women in your life (the real squad goals).


  2. Malaikaxxx says:

    Awww Emma! You are one of the most inspirational people out there! (you and Zoe Sugg are my top 2) I’m a huge fan of your blog and loved this! Have a good 2016!

  3. Stacey says:

    This is cute! It is always great when important people in your life are recognised – what better way to do it than going into 2016 🙂 Happy New Year! xo

  4. Polly says:

    This was lovely, Emma! #GirlPower 🙂

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