January 11, 2016

32 Mistakes Companies Still Make When It Comes To Social Media

Mistakes That I Still See Daily From Big Companies On Social Media

  1. Asking too much of your online audience. Don’t ask them to do something long-winded. Click this link then enter here then watch the video then retweet it. NO. Post a natural piece of content, in a user’s natural habitat. Make it simple.
  2. Not investing in the right kind of social advertising.
  3. Investing in social advertising but then ruining it by using a bad picture.
  4. Thinking you can just hire one person to run all platforms and create all content including longform and shortform video/scheduling/writing/editing/posting.
  5. Not having any sort of consistent tone of voice online. Not taking the time to ask “who are we and what do we say?” AND “what DON’T we say?”.
  6. Using the wrong tone of voice for the brand (i.e a car insurance brand trying too hard to be “down with the kids”)
  7. Having a big meeting discussing all big content ideas and then tagging social media on the end of it as the very last thought.
  8. Not putting social media AT THE HEART of big ideas.
  9. Hiring interns to do the social media without any guidance.
  10. Wondering why one tweet has ruined your reputation when you let anyone in the company run riot with it.
  11. Trying to always get traffic from social. Impressions can be just as useful depending on what you’re trying to achieve.
  12. Not reading up on the latest innovations and becoming stale and behind.
  13. Using the wrong type of content on the wrong platform.
  14. A strange and unnatural sponsored partnership that would be so much better as a blatant advert. The partnership has to be on brand to work as a native piece.
  15. Thinking that “getting a famous Internet person” to “retweet you” is a strategy.
  16. Not training teams up in knowing the basics of creating a social media strategy.
  17. Not harnessing the power of influencers within your strategy. Collaborate, instead of just asking them to do stuff for you.
  18. Spamming people – or desperately asking them to retweet you.
  19. Not investing in new platforms – cos guess what – building a good account costs TIME and money. You should be treating each social platform like a mini website.
  20. Not seeing social media as JUST AS important as the rest of your mediums.
  21. Not putting the same sort of resource and design time into creating social media assets to use.
  22. Being totally inconsistent when posting.
  23. Tricking people. Click-baiting.
  24. Not listening to your audience. Really listening.
  25. Not jumping on opportunities that come knocking – a complaint could be turned into a brilliant PR-able turnaround.
  26. Tweeting boring generic stuff that doesn’t build meaningful connections. 
  27. Not even being a little bit human in the way you communicate online.
  28. Not realising that younger audiences see through your every move. People who have grown up alongside the Internet are harder to market to on social media.
  29. Not celebrating other people/things more often. Constant self-promotion is a turn off.
  30. Not crowd-sourcing any ideas off the people who know and love your brand.
  31. Thinking big bloggers/Internet celebs will do something for you, for free. Nope.
  32. Not realising there are a lot of tools to track success and literal RETURN ON INVESTMENT and instead constantly winging it.

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  1. Becky says:

    Ugh. All of this! Especially the part about tacking social media on as an afterthought. It’s so obvious when it happens and really it’s just lazy.

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