January 13, 2016

In Defence Of Millennials in the Workplace


Yesterday, I wrote a piece for GLAMOUR sticking up for Millennials in the workplace. I’ve read so many articles recently totally slating how Millennials “work” so I felt it was time to write something In Defence. Read the full piece by HERE.

“The metric of “working hard” used to be face-time at a desk and how obedient you were to the system. How late are you working in the office? How many emails are you sending? How many people can see your work in a meeting? How far up the hierarchical ladder are you climbing? But Millennials are working smarter and harder than ever by juggling multiple projects all from their WIFI connection. We are creating our own ladder. “


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  1. nikkiana says:

    Nailed it. When I think of the folks of my generation, the Millennials, lazy is very rarely a word that comes to mind. We’re movers, shakers, and hustlers… I think it comes off like we’re not committed to the old guard, but I hate to break it to them… In most cases, they’re not providing anything worth being committed to.

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