January 14, 2016

She Unleashed: “Comparison Is Pointless”


Hey, can we talk for a minute about Freddie Harrell? I came across Freddie’s Instagram a while back and was instantly hooked. She’s fun, quirky, interesting with a brilliant eye for fashion and interiors to gaga over. It’s aspirational but it’s not TOO far away from reality that you feel alienated, you know? It’s not ~fashwun~ that you can’t get involved with or afford, it’s about showcasing bold and brilliant gems. It’s inspiring to see someone wear whatever the fuck they want – and it’s made me start being braver with what I’m wearing. Watching her unleash HERSELF makes me want to unleash MYSELF.

So last night I was invited to Freddie’s launch of her new self-made project She Unleashed – a workshop to inspire confidence through personal coaching – the point being exactly that: getting to the bottom of who you REALLY ARE and learning to unleash yourself through self-expression. Through clothes; through confidence; through coaching. I was thinking “hey, I’m pretty confident, right?” So why do I sometimes not wear that piece of clothing that I love, for the fear of a random person thinking: WTF IS SHE WEARING. It’s because deep down I’m still thinking WTF am I wearing. Even if I was pretty confident with what I’m doing with my life, I wish I could wear the crazy clothes I actually deep down prefer over the Topshop-dress-everyone-else-has.

And there Freddie was, holding a glass of wine, admitting she was a little nervous (and looking totally breathe-taking in a quirky black ‘n’ beige pinstriped suit) and she just went for it: she stood up on the chair in the Hoxton Hotel library room and said: “Hey! We’re starting now!”

I’ve definitely been to my fair share of awkward media events with people being too scared to say what they really think and pretending they are perfect – I found the whole She Unleashed set-up totally refreshing.


Getting up to speak in front of a room can be scary – can’t it? Whether it’s in front of a small meeting room; or in a room full of friends or a big room full of strangers.

When Freddie got up to speak, that’s when I thought I REALLY LIKE WHAT YOU’RE DOING HERE. With a screen and some slides playing behind her she starting telling her story, which was extremely relatable and really very honest. I remember being slightly shocked when she was talking about moving to London and said: “I never thought I was interesting”. I was thinking: but I think you’re fascinating. Other people often feel like they can see something so glaringly obvious, like, of course you’re “funny” or “clever” or “interesting” but the person themselves doesn’t see it. Not at first, anyway. Sometimes, it just takes some work to get there.

I wrote tons and tons down, each person given a notebook on their chair as they sat down, but I don’t want to spoil it too much for you, if you are planning to go, which I think you should. One thing I will mention is how much I liked Freddie’s theory of “approach yourself as someone you don’t know” when you’re having an anxious moment. It allows you to take a deep breath and actually objectively look at a problem. Who is this person and why is she thinking like this?



Here’s 5 things I took away from the event – but trust me, there is SO much more to learn.

  • Sabotaging your own success is a thing! And we can do it without realising

  • It’s not narcissistic to take the time to really look at who you really are

  • Feeling like you are “not enough” is dangerous

  • Comparison GENUINELY IS pointless. We are all so different

  • There is so much we don’t know about ourselves, waiting to be discovered

I learnt a lot of interesting theories and ideas. I left feeling lighter, better, a bit tipsy, but most of all: feeling like you don’t have to be One Person At All Times. Unleash all your different characters. Thanks Freddie for a lovely evening.

You can buy a ticket here.


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  1. Sounds like fun and refreshing.

  2. Sophie says:

    I absolutely love Freddie and what she is doing – I cannot believe she ever thought she wasn’t interesting – I mean just look at her – she’s fabulous! i’m really excited to see what she does next (and always thought she was so brave for taking the leap and setting up her own business). #woman goals and all a’ that. xxxx


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