February 20, 2016

London Hotel Life (For The Night)

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Sometimes it takes just one night away from home to just ~relax~. Last month I was lucky enough to stay at two hotels for the night. I packed my GIRLS HBO tote bag with my new pyjamas and night cream and invited a friend. It wasn’t even that far from home, maybe 20 minutes on the tube, but running a bath somewhere other than your own home can feel as luxurious as being properly “on hols”. Somehow it doesn’t feel the same when I glide around my own home in a white robe. I went home the next day feeling refreshed, and like I should probably tidy up my flat a bit.

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Ace Hotel

The “Miss You Already” Girls Night In

I had a really great time saying at the Ace for the launch of Miss You Already on DVD. With one of my bestest friends Polly, we snuggled into a huge, low bed with the duvet of dreams and poured ourselves some red wine – it was the best sleepover that wouldn’t have been the same at home. We ordered room service, put a face mask on (those amazing ones that you can peal off and it feels SO GOOD, like you’re getting rid of all the gunk) and just enjoyed the treat of being away for just the night. We were Instagramming along with a few other writer/bloggers with the hashtag #MissYouAlreadyGirlsNightIn and so I was able to see other people doing the same in the rooms down the corridor from us.

Miss You Already is the perfect sleepover film. It’s easy to watch; we were questioning whether Dominic Cooper was a good suggestion for the main husband lead (we were’t sure) but the film is so touching, you really do realise the intense power of female friendship. (I love the film even more having a few months before I’d met Drew Barrymore and Toni Collette in person and heard about the film. Drew Barrymore shouted “I’m not Josie Grossie anymore!” – legend.)


The room service was amazing, the food ordered in from the restaurant next door Hoi Polloi. Polly went for the half-roast chicken with summer greens and aioli, I had a Swaledale sirloin with garlic & herb butter  – and chips obvs.

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Thank you to E One Films and the Ace Hotel for an amazing evening. Get your copy of Miss You Already on DVD now. (Warning: a cried a fair a bit, but laughed lots too)

Amba Hotel

Celebrating the launch of IRL

Laura Jane Williams and I had just launched the #IRLPanel project so we decided to hang out after a busy day of meetings and get excited about it. We had dinner at the Amba Hotel and it was DELICIOUS. The hotel is located in Marble Arch (round the corner from the big Primark) with a big lobby and escalator going up to the main reception. It’s recently refurbished and it felt really nice to stay overnight in central London, I hardly ever do.

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The restaurant grill bar totally exceeded expectations. I had mushroom risotto, Laura had fish and chips – followed by salted caramel ice-cream and a huge vat of red wine (those glasses are almost as big as our heads). There was a soft buzzy atmosphere in the restaurant and the staff were super friendly. They made the experience. Even though the restaurant is on the same floor as the reception, you feel like you’re somewhere completely different.

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There are nearly 700 rooms and they are all new – modern and rather spacious bedrooms. (Spacious enough for us to put on Laura’s speaker and dance around wildly to Martha and Vandella’s.) It’s pretty businessy too if you ever need to go somewhere quiet and get your head down – there’s meeting rooms but also lots of areas where you can hot-desk, as well as the restaurant, deli and bar which are pretty relaxed.

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Thank you Amba Hotels for having us to stay.

Both of these hotels offered a complimentary stay in return for a blog post mention and review.

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