March 01, 2016

A Little Update

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I feel like the end of 2015 and beginning of 2016 has officially been the year of the Online Creator. I watched so many of my friends branch out into different fields, transition to different platforms, try new things, quit jobs, launch products, re-brand, create new plans and take risks. Hardly anyone around me was doing One Job. I’ve written before about Generation Slashie, but it felt like it wasn’t multi-tasking, it was growing one solid business but on many different platforms. Centralising, focusing, growing, harnessing. Growing our own little miniature power-houses.

In the ever-changing digital jobs-market, investing in yourself is the most secure thing you can do right now.

I continue to learn a new skill every week just by doing. By Googling it. Photoshop? Writing a book proposal? Coding? Recording and editing audio files? No one ever taught me. Most of us are teaching ourselves new things everyday.

Blogging isn’t new anymore, freelancing is on the rise, more and more creative people are realising they don’t need to work for [Insert a Big Name here] and they can actually work for themselves and reap some incredible rewards. These days, I’m care less about the Household Brand and more about the Start-Up From Someone’s Kitchen Table. Gimme some more of that grass roots vibe.

This blog, for me, was the starting point for so many other things. It was my first baby when it came to creating stories to share online. I like to write (CAN YOU TELL?). I like to create something that didn’t exist before. I like to interview other people. I like reading other people. I like understanding more about the world around me. I like to raise awareness of things I believe in. I look around and I see my fellow bloggers spreading their wings on different projects. They apologise for abandoning their blog, like they feel guilty turning their back on the thing that launched their career, but now they have bigger wheels in motion, more projects to look after. Bigger fish to fry. Be it a YouTube series, a podcast, an online business and even employees to manage. It’s easy to palm someone off as being “just blogger” but if you look around: hardly anyone is “just a blogger” now. I don’t think anyone ever was. That’s just one platform of many. The original gangster. I’ve never turned my nose up at being called “a blogger” but it’s just never been all that I do. It’s one fragment of many.

I like telling stories. I like marketing things. Whether that’s via a blog, website, IRL event, newsletter, print, video, podcast, TV or film. I’m doing all these things. I create, then I find a platform that will best fit it. I decide if I want to own it and self-publish it on my own outlets, or if it fits best with someone or something else.

What I’m saying is, we don’t have to pigeon-hole ourselves.

I’m not really “A Journalist” either. It’s not me. I feel quite far removed from what is going on in that world at the moment and that’s fine. I like reading and sharing real stories from real people and sharing knowledge that might help one other person, or hopefully many. Raw no-filter story-telling can educate us about the world we live in. That’s why Laura and I launched IRL Panel, a platform for people to attend and get involved in without having to have a certain number of Twitter followers or a big newspaper name behind them. Everybody’s experiences and issues are all valid, and we wanted to create a space where real conversations can happen without being edited or chosen or condensed or silenced. No gate-keepers here.

I’m working on lots of different projects at the moment. Many of them I don’t want to jinx. I’m launching a new kind of podcast in a few months with a diverse range of guests. I’m coming up with plans with my publishers regarding my first book, I’m writing another book. I’m contributing to a few magazines I care about, I’m growing my newsletter and I’m travelling to see more of the world. I’m improving my photography (thanks to Jessops for inviting me to their course recently) and I’m growing IRL Panel with Laura into something bigger, with a big meeting coming up soon.

It started with a need to create. I discovered blogging. Now I’m discovering so many different ways to express myself and grow and learn.

The Internet is getting more sophisticated by the day and so are we, the people using it. You’re not “just” anything. You’re never “just”.

We can adjust the sails. Me, you and the WIFI.



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  1. Rachel says:

    Everything you write resonates with me in a way I can’t explain. You’re so right; it’s why I hate how we’re supposed to decide what we’re going to do with our lives at 16/17, when this world is too big and bountiful for us to only ever do one job. There’s so much to do and see and try, and we should make the most of that. x

  2. I recently was asked if I still considered myself a journalist. I didn’t know how to answer the question since I got my degree many years ago and now work a regular 9-5 (not in my field). However, like you I found my creative drive with my blog. I am looking to do more than just write. I want to create. And journalism, although I can do it. It’s not the core of who I am. This post kind of summed up things for me. I love that you love to write. 🙂

  3. Miss.P says:

    Such an inspirational post, you have motivated me yet again to keep pressing on. <3

  4. Kathy says:

    Oh my gosh, what a good read. This post really spoke to me and made me feel less alone in this crazy digital world with which we are all growing and changing.

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