April 27, 2016

CTRL, ALT, DELETE Podcast: Episode 6 with Robyn Drury


I wanted to interview the wonderful Robyn Drury, my literary agent at Diane Banks Associates (a literary and talent agency based in London). Obviously this podcast is about all things social media and I wanted to share the story of how I found Robyn on Twitter – and how she turned my dream of being a published author into reality. One evening, late at night, I direct-messaged Robyn my book idea and then the rest was history! Sort of. (The longer version of the story I blogged about here if you’re interested.) But it was amazing to be able to find someone via Twitter – an easier quicker way to hunt down someone who might want to work on something with me. SO, I’m so excited for you to listen to what Robyn has to say. She is responsible for getting so many ideas actually out there into the world and she is a brilliant badass person to work with.

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