May 07, 2016

60 Small(ish) Things That Make Me Happier


This isn’t supposed to be cheesy. But I don’t trust myself completely on that one. Omg, it’s going to be cheesy, I know it. Look, I’m writing this list mainly for myself OK, so if it is cheesy, then let me live, or click the “X” and never think of it again. Good day to you, sir and madams.

Apart from adding to the landscape of the finest Internet cheese, it’s supposed to just be a solid list of stuff that I do (not all at once, jeez!) to perk myself up. To “get out of a funk”. I genuinely believe it’s small(ish) things that can reset our clocks and make us feel instantly better about our lives. Yes: social media is to blame for us having down moments (“why am I not her?” “why is she doing that?” “why is my life shit?”) when deep down we know we could try a few tools before having a full on emotional break down.

Here’s my list of things that have been that one thing standing between me and ugly-crying-on-sofa:

1. Buying myself a £2 bunch of flowers. Because WE ALL DESERVE FLOWERS. It’s better spent on that, than an afternoon coffee, I’ve learned. Lilies seem to be lasting well at the moment but for god’s sake do not get them on your clothes. Lilly marks on clothes is NOT on the “happiness list”.

2. Make a good cup of tea before you make ANY decisions. Not a rushed one – not a “slap the bag in and out” job, let the teabag sit and stew and just breathe while the kettle boils. You’ve got this. And this cup of tea is going to be banging.

3. A flight sale. You never know where you might find that might cost something totally, weirdly affordable. Roll your sleeves up and buy a flight for £1.99 (you never know) to a strange place. Experiences over things, always. If you could do it, do it…is my motto.

4. Writing in a notepad (old or new). You know, that one you spent a tenner on at that gift shop? With good handwriting. A used notepad is a happy one. And we all need to practice writing because soon we will forget how to hold a pen, amiright?

5. A new hair colour. At random. Bleach colours from Boots. Don’t laugh at me, it’s one of the only way I can feel rebellious these days.

6. Candles next to the bath. Podcast on. Desert Island Dics has properly cured me (a few times) during a Really Bad Time. Thank you Kirsty. THANK YOU.

7. Fresh sheets. MmmmmMMmmmmmmmmm.

8. Thinking about someone who I haven’t spoken to for a while and sending them some emojis. And maybe some words, too.

9. Going somewhere where the WIFI is shit so I physically can’t get on Twitter and bringing with me a shitload of books. My preference would be memoirs.

10. Reading my favourite blogs under a thick and warm blanket (with that magical cup of tea)

11. Emailing a new idea to someone exciting. Because WHY NOT.

12. Go somewhere, anywhere, with a good view. Sometimes you need to see things from a different perspective. Get high. (I don’t mean “smoke weed” on this occasion but you do you.)

13. A long walk, with my favourite podcasts downloaded on my iPhone, alone, walking, listening.

14. Writing that thing that’s pissing me off into a journal. No one will see it. Hopefully.

15. Clearing out my belongings. Bin bag. Charity shop. Create space.

16. Muting *that* person on Twitter.

17. Signing up to a petition that you care about.

18. Emailing someone you love a lengthy catch-up email. I also like emailing my pen pals.

19. Music blaring. Long shower. BEYONCÈ. The Hamilton Musical Soundtrack(!!).

20. Staycations. Somewhere nearby, cheap, to escape the everyday norms for just a day. Even if it’s round the corner. You don’t have to travel 10 hours on a flight to visit somewhere beautiful.

21. A new café. Eggs.

22. An old second hand book-shop or charity shop. I often find the best 80p books from years ago at one along Charing Cross Road.

23. Booking myself to go to a talk or panel event with awesome people.

24. Wearing something bold. Dress up for nothing. Wearing double leopard print and my weirdest sunglasses just to go to the shops.

25. Looking up my biggest inspirations on YouTube or Twitter – soaking in their positivity. You are what you read. You are who you follow.

26. Ted Talks. Netflix. Chill.

27. Writing, writing, writing.

28. Inviting friends over for dinner. Making canapés.

29. The local cinema. Bringing my own snacks. Woops.

30. DM-ing someone that you like their work.

31. Discovering new music on

32. Tearing into a new novel. Reading a chunk. Feeling good about committing to it.

33. Phone-calls home.

34. Getting photos printed out using Origrami – hanging my happy Instagram memories around the house.

35. Buying a big plant and lugging it home. (And getting beeped at while you nearly die stepping out into the middle of the road with said plant)

36. Taking the time on the bus to actually look around. Looking into people’s windows (not in a creepy way).

37. Buying a friend a random present. Just because.

38. Wearing that thing in your wardrobe you’re too scared to wear.

39. Secret celebrations.

40. A charcoal facemask.

41. Wearing good undies. Not necessarily sexy, just good.

42. Giving someone a compliment who looks stressed out on the tube. (I’ve done this a few times lately, it works!)

43. Looking through old photos – today might be shit, but LOOK AT THOSE FUN TIMES YOU HAD. It will happen again.

44. Making a big ol’ Caprese salad with huge balls of cold mozzarella and big tomatoes.

45. A park.

46. An old film.

47. Re-reading Big Magic, by Liz Gilbert.

48. Reflecting how far you’ve come since this time last year. It’ll be more than you think.

49. Taking a day OFF. Guilt-free. For YOU. DO NOTHING.

50. Write a letter to someone near or far.

51. Writing a list of pros and cons about that *thing* playing on my mind. Do it with colourful pens.

52. Eat an icecream. You might not be on holiday but Give A Fuck.

53. Dance. DANCE. Making a Vine of it is optional and not encouraged.

54. If you cannot face doing exercise, at least do some stretching.

55. If someone has made you feel like a shit, allow in self-doubt and pity for 45 MINUTES. NO LONGER. Set a timer.

56. Write things down. Quotes. Sayings. Phrases. Funny things. Overheards. Store these things.

57. Motivational clips. Make a playlist.

58. A foot bath. Be nice to your feet. They do a lot for you.

59. “Life’s too short to feel like crap.” – Tony Robbins


8 Responses

  1. Trudy says:

    I love posts like this, who doesn’t love a good list? These are all so wonderful x

  2. I like it. Cheesy and all. I’ve tried some of these already and a few that I am going to have to try soon.

  3. Tiffany says:

    Your list is A++. I’m bookmarking it so I can come back to it when I’m feeling blah. (And I’m right there with you on the Hamilton soundtrack… although I would recommend avoiding Disc 2 if you want to keep that upbeat feel.) xo

  4. Isabel says:

    I love this! Thank you for your openness about cheese. It made me so happy!

  5. Sophie says:

    I worry all the time that I am going to lose the ability to write with a pen!!!!! My little paws will turn into keyboard claws. This is such a good list – going to print and put in the back of my diary for when the time is needed (ALWAYS) xxxx

  6. I love and adore this post. When I find myself in an absolutely terrible mood, I always write a little list of things that are accomplishable/make me happy, and it always lifts my spirits.

  7. I adore this list! It’s wonderful. Got some great ideas to try, and I’m already addicted to #15. Thank you for posting this, it feels so sweet to read and almost not cheesy at all 😉

  8. Erica says:

    Number 7 is so true. Everytime there are fresh sheets on the bed I just lie there a while to fully appreciate.

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