May 31, 2016

Can a 20-something enjoy a cruise?

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Up until recently, when I thought of the word “cruise”, I thought of bad disco, dusty ball gowns and someone singing dodgy cover songs with a retro microphone, with two people sat at the bar, tapping a foot, half-listening.

I got this wrong! I’m sorry! This is just what I’ve seen in a film, maybe once, and accidentally tarred all cruises with the same judgemental brush!

When Celebrity Cruises asked if I wanted to explore going to a cruise for the first time, I said yes, (obviously!) even though I was still pretty adamant that it probably wasn’t really for my target demographic. But my New Year’s resolution was to say “yes” to pretty much anything. I hopped onboard feeling slightly cynical that I’d much prefer to visit lots of places by just flying there separately and flying home.

But, of course, it washed all of my previous assumptions out of the window. Cruises are not only fun but they are PRACTICAL if you want to travel to different places and they are really really relaxing.

So I want to share the pros of choosing to do a cruise because I really, really enjoyed the experience.

The Cabin

The main pro of this sort of trip is that you unpack once in your cabin room and you have a little place onboard the ship that is yours to hang out in, sit on the balcony and overlook the sea. (I GOT SO MUCH READING DONE ON THE BALCONY). The beds were comfortable (even though you do have to get used to the slight swaying movement) and the wardrobes were a really good size to store away all your clothes for the week. The bathroom is small but perfectly formed – everything is exactly what you need. It’s not really about spending that much time in your cabin. I loved the fact that most of the “cruising” is done overnight, so you’d wake up in a different place and you just had to get off the boat and then explore for the day. You don’t have any bags or suitcases to carry around or look after, you keep everything in your little cabin room.

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The State Of Mind

There is something about being “at sea”. I honestly have not felt that relaxed for a long time. I felt really really far away from “life” (mainly because we were floating along in the middle of the ocean) and just couldn’t help but feel very calm when all you can see for miles is blue water. I got the sense that that was the general mood of the ship as everywhere you look people are just eating, drinking, laughing – everyone’s real-life worries seem to totally out of sight. Another small but quite cool thing is that you just have your cruise card with you and pay at the end. I think that’s also why everyone is so chilled – it takes the stress out of dinner and drinks and splitting the bill etc.

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The Food

The food onboard really blew away any expectations I had. First up, there is SO MUCH to choose from. It was quite difficult choosing where to go – but you can flick through the menus on iPads as you wander around during the day and book a table. The staff are really helpful at helping you decide so you don’t make any rash decisions. We sampled a new modern restaurant called QSine – where you could sit by the window and watch the islands go by. QSine was quite the novelty: you got to order 10 different small tasters all from different cuisines around the world Sounds weird, but it was incredible and each course was beautifully displayed.

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The Spa

Lying down on the massage bed face down felt weird at first as I could feel myself rocking ever so slightly but luckily I didn’t get sea sick at all. The massage was truly relaxing and brilliant – it lasted for 80 minutes which was the longest I’ve been relaxed for a long time. The Persian Gardens have heated lounger chairs just to relax and look out at the sea.

ALSO re the photo below: You by Caroline Kepnes is amazing and addictive. (Interview with her coming soon on the podcast!)


The Library

There is a library onboard which I obviously loved. We didn’t actually spend that long in there, but it’s very cool, lots of books and comfy chairs and just a really #zen vibe. So if you need some down-time, the library is perfect for that. Have I mentioned enough times HOW MUCH there is to do onboard?

The Pool

There were SO many places to discover and the out-door pool and jacuzzi is another place to go and catch some sun. I sunburnt my hand (there’s always a place you miss with the suncream isn’t there?) so: WEAR SUNCREAM! It was boiling hot and amazing. We got to sunbathe all day on one of the days that the ship was docked. So, you can either explore outside OR just stay on the ship. We did both.

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My sister Jo

Another blog post to follow about our AMAZING adventure OFF the cruise ship on one of the Chef’s Market Discovery Tours, coming soon. 

I had such a great time exploring my very first cruise with my sister. Thank you Celebrity Cruises for offering me this adventure to write about on the blog. Find out more about Celebrity Cruises here.


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  1. HazelxJoy says:

    An interesting read. I’m 40 and thought I was too young for a cruise but now I’m excited by the idea. My husband hates flying so it’s a real possibility.
    And a library? I wouldn’t have expected that.

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