June 27, 2016

CTRL, ALT, DELETE Podcast: Episode 17 with Louise O’Neill


Louise O’Neill is one of the most inspiring generous people who I’ve befriended on Twitter.

She is an Irish author and columnist, with a strong focus on feminism in her writing. Her first book, Only Ever Yours was published in 2014 and earned the title “Newcomer of the Year” of the Irish Book Awards and was the winner of the inaugural YA Book Prize in 2015. Her second book, Asking For It, was named Irish Times Book of the Month in September 2015. Rights of both books have been sold – film and TV rights for Only Ever Yours and TV rights for Asking For It. HOW VERY EXCITING.

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  1. Emma Vincent says:

    This is one of the best ones I have listen to so far, I think, for me, because it’s so relatable. I am right there in the job I have always been wired by society into wanting, but do I actually want to do it? I am a married, well paid, white middle class girl, I am so privileged, so why do I feel so lost? I have everything I always wanted? Why is it so hard to now say to myself, perhaps this isn’t what I wanted? Why is it so hard, as a millennial, to let go of that control and ‘togetherness’ to move back to the county and into my parents? Sometimes it’s so inspiring to know that you aren’t the only person feeling this way! Perhaps in 12 months time our little YouTube channel will have taken off and we will be podcasting over something similar to inspire, let the next generation know that it’s not all about being a high powered business woman, or man, it’s about doing what makes you happy. Thanks again girls xx
    Come follow on Twitter if you fancy @EmmaVincentUK (trying the self promotion and shameless plugging out, how am I doing?)

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