July 04, 2016

CTRL, ALT, DELETE Podcast: Episode 19 with Deliciously Stella

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I first discovered Deliciously Stella on Instagram last year.

Over the past year she’s attracted fans such as Davina McCall and getting mainstream attention in Grazia, the Daily Mail, The Times, Buzzfeed and interviewed by the BBC.

Deliciously Stella is a parody account created by comedian Bella Younger that gently mocks the #EatClean movement. She now has 125,000 followers on Instagram and growing – some magazines have called her the Instagram “Anti Hero”. She now has a book deal, a TV pilot in the works and a show at Edinburgh Fringe festival this year all about her beloved character Deliciously Stella.

We talk about all sorts of things: what it’s like bringing a show to Edinburgh Fringe, the cliques in comedy, sponsored content, how her Instagram turned into a book deal and building your own personal #brand.

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