August 03, 2016

How We Can Work Together – Q&A


I love working with other people in many different ways on this blog. NOTHING BEATS an email offering something that is a perfect match, and it’s immediately clear if the person/company has actually read your blog and gets your “vibe”. Most of the time people get in touch with an opportunity such as an event, brand collab or just a cool experience and it’ll be perfect content for this blog. After all, I’m always after new things to write about. On the flipside, there’s nothing worse than something getting in touch with someone totally random/not a right fit and it’s waste of their time (and mine). So thought I’d do a Q&A list so every thing’s in one place. It’s also been requested by a few people on Twitter. This is just a simple starter for ten, not my media kit – if you’d like a copy of that, then email me at


1. “Do you want to review X product?”

I don’t review that many things on here, but I review events, films, bath/beauty and books. Sometimes it varies depending on my blog schedule so it’s always best to ask. E.g. I might have a desk interiors post planned soon that we could work together on the imagery/ a few products. Totally depends. If something in an email catches my eye (fashion-wise) I will get a sample and include it in my newsletter so I can share the love. Sometimes I get asked if I want to review something totally random (like a washing machine) but it wouldn’t sit well on my blog so I normally decline. It’s a time thing too. I don’t have a great deal of time to “review” clothes unless it’s a proper collaboration with a brand I really love.

2. “Fancy reviewing X location/airline/hotel?”

I love travel content for this blog and most of the time I will take travel review opportunities if I’m free – mostly city breaks (hence “Girl Lost In The City”). I like to explore, wander and feedback on brilliant gems and I’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing travel companies over the past few years on multiple trips. I love offering interesting recommendations on where to go to switch off. If I do a travel review it means the hotel and transport has been paid for and I usually try and brainstorm a unique angle beforehand with the PR/client for the blog.

3.  “Please will you write a blog post about this attached press release/infographic/high res image.”

I skim read press releases but normally delete them because it is normally a) a boring survey and b) some high res images of something I don’t really care that much about. If it’s a PR I know and who understands my blog I do tend to want to do something with it. It’s VERY rare that a press release is interesting enough to blog about – sometimes it might stretch to a sarcastic tweet about a jokey April Fools Day press release. The amount of women-bashing stuff I get sent is quite sad, like: “Amal Clooney has AWFUL bunions, find out her cure!” My blog is not the Daily Mail. On the whole, I don’t read them unless the email actually says “HI EMMA I thought this might be relevant because” or I know the PR or I’m really interested in the subject matter. On the whole, I get blasted into my inbox about 35 totally irrelevant press releases a day and delete them all.

4.  “Will you run a competition on your blog, for free?”

I don’t ever do this – I never have. I have ran competitions as part of a wider sponsored campaign but I don’t run competitions on their own.

5.  “Will you write for our company website?”

Sometimes people ask if I will write something for their company blog for “exposure”. To me it’s the same as being “commissioned” but without any money, so have to turn it down because of other more important things. I’ve recently written for company blogs (e.g ASDA) as part of a paid collaboration and I really enjoyed it as it was a subject matter I am interested in.

6. “Can we re-post your blog post on our website?”

If I don’t know the person personally I normally say no. All clicks to my content should be on this blog alone. I was once asked by The Independent Voices to republish something I wrote but for nothing in return so I said no. I did let Chelsea Fagan republish something on her website The Financial Diet but that’s because she’s my Twitter buddy and it’s exactly my kind of audience of potential new readers.

7. “If we pay you will you send out this tweet on your Twitter account for us?”

I don’t, and never ever will, do any standalone tweets for money.

8. “Can you send us your analytics?”

Course! If we are working together / planning on working together then I will certainly share them. My podcast, blog, newsletter, social media numbers are all in my Blog Media Kit which you just need to email me and ask for. I can tell you everything – my top performing posts, my click-through rates, newsletter open rate, my page views, my unique impressions ETC but I don’t think many bloggers dish it out to any Tom Dick or Harry who asks.

9. “Can we collaborate on a sponsored post?”

It depends what it is. A sponsored post is when a brand has specifically asked me to write a piece of content about their brand for money with all their “messaging” in. For example I worked with ASOS on a video campaign (I love ASOS, so duh) and the other one was an app called Grabble (Tinder for clothes!) so both these things were clearly branded “PAID FOR” and I really liked both blog posts – they fitted into my “vibe” and style and tone. I have some more in the works actually – as I’ve become more confident with what I like/I don’t like.

10. “How much do you charge?”

Sometimes it varies but I have set rates that my agent helped me work out.

11. “Will you be an ambassador/spokesperson for our brand?”

It’s quite a commitment to feel like you really “fit” with a brand. I pulled out of something a while ago because I realised it didn’t sit right with me. So again, it totally depends on what it is. But never say never!

12. “Are you taking on any other sponsors on your podcast?”

I currently have one sponsor for my podcast EMMI Caffé Latte who are brilliant and I’ve found it really exciting to work with them. I’m so proud of my podcast content and for it to be supported by a brand means I can carry on making it. I am currently looking for more sponsors, so get in touch!

13. “Can we advertise on your newsletter?”

This is something in addition to a sponsored post, but yes, it is possible. I’m working with some brands at the moment on this topic.

14. “Will you come and feature on our YouTube channel/video on our website?”

Bloggers should be paid for appearing on a brand channel or making a video for a brand. That said, I will happy feature on any of my friends YouTube channels and as I’m promoting my book this Summer hopefully I’ll be popping up on YouTube all over the place!

15. “Can you come and talk at our event?”

YES, I LOVE EVENTS.  It obviously differs depending on the event/how long it is/logistics etc etc etc. I now have a separate agent who handles my speaking stuff.

16. “Can my brand/product sponsor your event?”

Yes! I have live podcast events coming up so I’m looking for the right brand to sponsor that alongside a slot on the digital podcast.

So – I’ve probably left stuff out and I haven’t bored you with the brands/stuff I’ve worked with in the past but my point being, there’s so many ways to work with PRs and brands on great amazing content together. Any further points/questions let me know! I’ve tried to be as honest as I can here. 


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