August 09, 2016

Come To The Live CTRL ALT DELETE Podcast At Waterstones


Three months ago I set myself the challenge to launch a podcast. A podcast that was created, controlled and uploaded by me. I didn’t want a team of people or anything fancy, I just wanted real, honest conversations with people I admire and then set them free onto the Internet for other people to enjoy listening to while commuting to work, or lying on the sofa hungover on a Sunday afternoon. Basically I wanted to make the podcast that I wanted to listen to.

Fast forward to now, I’ve interviewed some of my absolute fave people and continuing to do so. From Liz Gilbert to Ashley C Ford to Cheryl Strayed to Dawn O’Porter to Gemma Cairney to Ryan Holiday, I’ve come away feeling incredibly inspired after every chat. Some have been via Skype, one in the corner of a book shop, some lying on a bed and some hosted in my tiny spare room at home.

SO I have some MORE exciting podcast news, and that is…I’m bringing CTRL ALT DELETE to a LIVE audience. I’m starting small, and doing a live interview at Waterstones Tottenham Court Road on August 17th (that’s next week).

The brilliant TV presenter Cherry Healey is interviewing me, about my book, and her book Letters To My Fanny will be on sale too. And if you want a signed copy….

I’m excited to record this special bonus episode and for you to join in with this intimate pre-record live session. Hope to see you there!

I want to include some of YOUR stories about growing up online, so if you have any cringe early Internet memories from the past, please tweet me @girllostincity or email me at and I will read them out in between the interview (they can be anonymous!)

(Free) tickets are available here!

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  1. Congratulations on your podcast going live!

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