August 18, 2016

My First Ever Live Podcast at Waterstones with Cherry Healey

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Ummmmm, so the recording my first live podcast to celebrate the publication of my book night was epic!

It was 100% the kind of evening that I would enjoy going to myself and I think that’s the key to every decision, really. “Would I go to this?” “Would I want to read this?” “Would I find these topics interesting?” If the answer is “no”, then do not do it.

A few years ago I used to write clickbait articles for a magazine that I knew everyone would hate, and that I hated myself, and it was temporarily the death of my soul. “Would I read this?” “NO!”. Then what am I doing with my life?

The podcast is the podcast I wanted to listen to but couldn’t currently see on iTunes. I listen to lots of interview-based podcasts which are my fave (Desert Island Discs is my life), but I hadn’t yet seen one focused solely around online creativity or social media, and lots of the businessy type podcasts certainly weren’t hosted by any young women. It was a way for me to delve into the topics that interested me, by rolling up my sleeves and making it myself.

Same with my book – it is the book that as a teen, I would have loved to have read to feel less alone as a teenage girl battling her way through the complexities of life.

Last night, Cherry Healey interviewed me for my first ever live podcast; she is someone who has inspired me over the years to be honest and brave through her work. I’ve been a huge fan of hers for a while, so it was really awesome that she said “yes!” to be involved. I love her adventurous nature in her experimental TV shows and the fact that she’s just written her own book Letters To My Fanny which touches on subjects such as feminism, her body, sex, periods, orgasms – all the good stuff.

I loved that the questions she asked were pure, real, cutting through the fluff and into the heart of what the book is about, and what the podcast is about. We couldn’t stop nattering from the moment we saw each other, and I knew that was a good sign for the podcast!

The location was the absolute DREAM. We were in the basement of Waterstones Tottenham Court Road, there were books, a bar, and it was just perfect. Wine, cool women and talking about life and careers and what inspires us = what an ace combination for a Wednesday evening.

I absolutely loved doing this intimidate live recording, with around 20-ish brilliant creative women who came to watch and chat, and I came away feeling very inspired and very much in love with my job. I’m definitely going to do another one soon….



Subscribe to Ctrl Alt Delete podcast here.

You can buy my BOOK from Waterstones here.

Cherry’s book Letter’s To My Fanny is available here.

All image credits to Marcus Hessenberg and shout out to Shola Aleje for her audio producing skills!

And a massive thank you to everyone who came down, I had a brilliant time & hope you did too!

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  1. Emma White says:

    Hi Emma

    I discovered your Ctrl Alt Delete podcast about a month ago which of course I power listened my way through, and now I look forward to when the next one is available for me to listen to.

    I work in the technology world and I am currently learning to code to change my career into front end development (which I did through CodeFirstGirls) and is going great so far, plus I am a huge social media fan, so your podcasts provide me with lots of insightful information and inspiration for my own social media presence. All of that plus you get to meet some people who I follow and really admire too such as Dawn O’Porter – who I have followed for years from back in the days of her own original podcast.

    Cannot wait to listen to your live podcast next week!

    Best Regards


  2. KTINKA says:

    I love the part in this episode about still being a teenager deep down inside – I just feel the same most of the times. Now I am curious about your book and more episodes of your podcast.

    All the best and thanks!

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