September 01, 2016

Saying Goodbye To “Girl Lost In The City”

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In 2009, I was 20 years old, sat in my bedroom and thought I’d make a blog on WordPress. I called it “Girl Lost In The City” because I was about to move to London and over the years it has stuck with me. Cute for a 20 year old in her bedroom, but I’m 27 now.

It’s not been all bad though, I cover travel on this blog and have been “lost” in many cities through it: Lisbon, Bilbao, Madrid, Paris, Barcelona, Florence, Marrakech, Venice, Sorrento, Milan, Edinburgh, Seville, Stockholm, Seoul and Brussels and probably more that I’ve forgotten. The blog got me dream jobs, amazing collaborations and a book deal.

But I think you can imagine how endearing-yet-annoying that can be to be attached to a name you dreamt up at a time where you hadn’t even stepped foot into real life yet. Next year will be my 7th year in London. I’ve grown up and I’ve grown apart from what this blog used to be.

Just as you one day have to wave off your “” to upgrade to something that has your actual name in it, that’s what’s happened here.

This year has been the best year of my life. I’m nesting with my boyfriend, I took the plunge to set up my own business – I took on another agent, I released my debut book, I had five pages in the Sunday Times magazine to promote it, I quit my job, I travelled, I launched my own podcast, I did my first live podcast event in Waterstones, I was picked as a guest curator for Cheltenham Literary Festival, I interviewed some of my absolute heroes and I worked with people I never dreamt of working with on current projects.

The only thing that didn’t feel “right” was my blog. It wasn’t me anymore and the blog didn’t represent this path I’m currently taking. I probably should have changed it sooner. But the blog got me this far and I felt very attached to it. I have so much to thank to the girl who set up Girl Lost In The City in 2009. Thank you, past-me. 

So, do you ever think the Universe is kind of messing with you/on your side sometimes? Because here’s what happened:

I managed to delete my blog the other night. I was lying in bed, updating some stuff and trying to see if I could buy a new domain name. I clicked something (maybe this is a cautionary tale not to be online late at night when your brain is being slow) and then POOF, just like that, in a cloud of smoke, Six years worth of blog was erased from the earth’s crust. How can it be possible to accidentally delete your entire blog, I hear you ask? Yes, readers, it happened. I was sweating. Six years worth of content, gone.

Of course, my hosting service managed to retrieve it (thank you! But also, please make it more idiot proof!). It felt like the right time to move on from 

Do you know the weirdest thing? I panicked but I didn’t panic.

It wasn’t everything to me anymore. I felt disconnected from it, and although I obviously wanted to get all my content back, I didn’t really feel that much connection with the blog name anymore.

So long welcome to It’s exactly the same vibes, exactly the same me, just a bit more grown up than my previous blog.

I’m sure I’m going to have teething problems with people maybe not finding me straight away but I hope Google can sort it’s shit out and understand that THIS is my website now.

So anyway hi. Hello. This was always meant to just be a place I can write and waffle and work on things I’m passionate about – so welcome. It’s been a long old road on this blog but my “space” is just evolving. I hope you continue to join me on this weird lil adventure called life.


4 Responses

  1. Trust me, I was more than happy to get rid of “sportysista89”, the email address I created aged 9 and a half! Congratulations on your rebranding, I’m sure it must feel so wonderful to start afresh! Looking forward to the new content! xxx

  2. Jerrod says:

    You can have your web people put the old name in the NAME table in the DNS server so that the old site points to the new one. That way, no one gets lost looking for you.

  3. Essie says:

    You can keep a landing page for the old URL saying you’ve moved to a new place for awhile (I did it for about 3 months, then I just had the url forward). once the domain expired I just never renewed it. Funny you went toward your name and I ran away from mine. It was a nickname I started using during the MySpace days and like you I grew out of being that girl. I wanted more anonymity but to still be me. I also blog about something completely different now than I did back then as my interests have also changed.

  4. Woohooo!

    Well done Emma, love the new look. Good to see you going from strength to strength.
    I would advise you to redirect the old domain to this one, so your SEO doesn’t take a dip and also so you don’t lose valuable traffic.

    Much love
    Lorrie x

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