October 24, 2016



I was really chuffed to do some work with Google last week which was loads of fun. I hung out at their brilliant HQ getting myself familiarised with the new Google Pixel phone which I’m trialling at the moment.

First off, I love the camera. I’m excited to put it to use during my trip to San Francisco next week, so I will report back!

On Friday I hosted a panel in the Google Shop in soho with some brilliant peeps: Michael Zee from Symmetry Breakfast, Melissa Hemsley (from Hemsley & Hemsley) and Madeleine Shaw. We spoke about everything from equipment, to launching your own business, to creative processes to how to switch off. I met some really great people mingling around afterwards and it was a reminder that the tech lifestyle world is a very exciting place to be at the moment. Lots of things are constantly changing, I think.

I think we choose to find it exhausting, or exciting. But still, a bit overwhelming.


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