October 27, 2016

A Trip To Dublin With Guinness


I recently went on a last minute trip to Dublin, hosted by Guinness. The main reason for this flying visit was to check out the new restaurant called 1837 located in the Guinness Storehouse, currently headed up by award-winning Chef Justin O’Connor. The restaurant was named after the year that the classic Guinness and oyster pairing was born (I LOVE OYSTERS). The restaurant offers a seasonal pairings menu, with Guinness-infused dishes.

I really enjoyed trying a “Black Velvet” (which is Guinness and champagne) – first created by a bartender in London in 1861, they used Guinness to turn the champers black to mourn the death of Prince Albert, husband of Queen Victoria. FUN FACT (kind of).

We had an amazing ‘Guinness in the City’ tour with Eibhlin Colgan, the Media Archivist at the Guinness Storehouse, where you will discover the legacy of the Guinness Storehouse as seen through the streets of Dublin.


We stayed in the amazing Markers Hotel in Dublin. I love going on trips like this, always meet such interesting people. In the group this time round I met people from LA, Connecticut, Philadelphia. We had lunch at the Pepper Pot and went to Marsh’s library and were surrounded by huge grand book shelves that have remained untouched for over 300 years. We stopped by St Patricks Cathedral and learned all about Jonathan Swift who wrote Gullivers Travels. Travelling and having new experiences with new people brings me a lot of joy.

This coinceded with my month of dinner parties in September. This was my seventh dinner party with strangers during September. I’ve had lots of dinners with friends & family too but I specifically wanted more with strangers. It is something I love: bringing back the lost art of deep conversation. No algorithms, no obligation to “follow” each other afterwards, no closed off debates, no trying to squeeze your opinion into a set number of characters. Open honest chats and random facts and peoples stories and not surprisingly I’m carrying on many of those conversations in my emails and with planned coffee dates. I’m working on a project this month too which is kinda of coincidentally along these lines, and I can’t wait to share it.


Thanks Guinness for this complimentary trip, I really enjoyed it and came away feeling really inspired by the work ethic and entrepreunership of the Guinness family. Check out the brilliant Guinness Storehouse here.

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