November 16, 2016

CTRL, ALT, DELETE Podcast: #46 Catherine Allen and Cherry Healey


Today’s guests are Catherine Allen, the CEO of Lyristic and executive producer of No Small Talk and Cherry Healey, TV presenter and documentary maker.

No Small Talk is a new kind of virtual reality talk show commissioned by the BBC for millennial women, co-produced by two leading independent VR companies Lyristic and VR City and produced by Dorothea Gibbs and directed by Darren Emerson.  

These 10 minute episodes are designed for viewing on Google Cardboard and Samsung Gear VR. The first episode has launched now and I’m in it alongside Cherry Healey. It’s a space to explore and discuss the big ideas that underpin our daily lives, and the changing world around us.


No Small Talk has been produced with the clear goal of creating a VR experience that is accessible to women. U.S research shows that male VR usage is almost double that of female VR usage (YouView, 2016).

It’s live now and it can be found at

It launches on Google Cardboard and YouTube 360 on 23rd November.

We talk about technology, virtual reality, being the CEO of your company and art of a good conversation.

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