November 17, 2016

A New Virtual Reality Talk Show


A few months back I got an email from Catherine Allen and Dorothea Rose asking if I wanted to be involved in a project for the BBC, a new kind of stripped back talk show bout big ideas, conversation, the world and technology.

Having launched my podcast six months ago all around our digital worlds and my goal being to produce and publish real raw conversations with people who inspire me, this was totally up my street. And a chance to be part of a new innovative format with the BBC? I was 100% in.

As a 20-something woman, I don’t feel like I have many portals accessible to me on TV that just simply feature women talking about stuff that matters to them. YouTube yes, social media, yes. But TV? I love Amanda De Cadenet’s The Conversation, but I couldn’t think of a similar platform in the UK. Where are all the talk-shows for or by women?

The idea was that it was going to be a talk show for everyone but aimed specifically at young women, U.S research shows that male VR usage is almost double that of female VR usage.


The twist was it was going to be shot in 360 so that you can watch the talk show on a VR headset and feel like you are actually there at the table in the conversation. No big spectacle —  just two people chatting, no phones, no filters and no character limits. Cherry Healey & I were the first guests on the show.

It was so fun to film, they hired out a cafe for the day in East London, the team shot it on multiple Go Pros strapped together (and I have no idea how they edited it but all I can is: impressive) and Cherry Healey and I spent the whole day getting deep which boiled down to these 10 minutes which you can watch on a Samsung VR headset.

On 23rd November it’s available on YouTube and Google Cardboard.. I’m so glad I got to work with Cherry again as she is someone I find so easy to be around and open up to. Thank you to producer Dorothea Gibbs, VR CITY, director Darren Emerson and of course the BBC for liking the idea! You’re all very cool people.

You can watch this on BBC.CO.UK HERE.

If you want to listen to the podcast I recorded with Cherry and Catherine about “the making of” go HERE.


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