November 25, 2016

A Totally Unique Massage Therapy Session


A massage is just a massage isn’t it? Or so I thought.

Last week I was invited by the Corinthia London Hotel (one of the nicest, warmest hotels in London if you ask me) to try out the new ESPA spa offerings. I hadn’t yet stepped foot inside the spa area so I didn’t really know what to expect but of course I knew it would be luxurious. The reception area is so beautifully Christmassy at the moment, if you get a minute even to poke your head in I recommend it. Even just sitting in their lobby by the big beautiful Christmas tree I had the same fuzzy feelings as when Love Actually comes on TV.

I’d been suffering with jetlag last week (no tiny violins for me, I’d just come back from a holiday in California) but I was feeling really ropey and a bit sick from some weird sleeping patterns. To be honest, I’ve always had sleeping problems endless I’m beyond exhausted and just pass out. I often wonder if it’s connected to how much time I spend online, I mean, it’s a no brainer. So after having that feeling you get when you have to get up at 4am to get a flight (“the grog”) I was so excited to hopefully be able to just switch off from the world (and my phone!) for 90 whole minutes.

I had a quick tour of the spa and first impressions was: it’s huge! There are sleeping pods!!! As I wondered around people were napping on the white sofas in their robes, it was a space where you could relax as much as you wanted in the open areas which I really liked. There are four different floors with 17 treatment rooms, a private spa suite, nail studio, indoor swimming pool, vitality pool, amphitheatre sauna, ice fountain, marble heated loungers and private sleep pods.

There’s also a gorgeous café where you totally just relax (and eat or drink) in your spa gown and just hang out. It makes a real difference that it’s stretched over so many floors so you can feel free to wonder around in your robe so you feel like you can really explore and you feel so far away from the busy hectic London streets. It also makes a difference that you can come hours early to your treatment appointment and make full use of all the various spa offerings, so by the time you get to your session you are already totally Zen’d out.


So, what exactly did my treatment entail?

The Mindful Massage (£190 for 90 minutes).

It was totally different from anything I’ve ever had before. It was a combination of mindfulness and a full body massaged tied together. I’ve had relaxing massages before and I’ve had Shamanic mind therapy — but it really was interesting to have a full body massage that combined both things. My therapist Angel concentrated on visualisation techniques, massage on metamorphic zones, scalp massage and deep breathing techniques.

I genuinely felt like a totally different person after this treatment and felt more positive and stress-free than I have in ages. It’s not your normal massage, it’s a therapy session.

They promise to “unwind a busy mind” during this session and I can honestly say I normally find it hard to switch off during a straight-up massage, but this included unique techniques leaving my mind was miles and miles away from any daily life stress.

What made it stand-out?

On arrival you have a few minutes with the therapist where they ask you questions that will reflect your session. They find out more about you, your life, your lifestyle, your worries, your goals and it feels way more intimate than just a one-off therapy session, they get to know enough about you to totally tailor it to you. I like the idea that the person before me had a totally different experience.

What did I enjoy the most?

I enjoyed the hair mask that was put in my hair, and the scalp massage with warm Rose Quartz Crystals. I also enjoyed learned some breathing techniques that I can now do at home, safe in the knowledge that certain breathing exercises can immediately calm down any emotional anxieties.

Would I have it again?

HELL YES. However it is rather intensive and has a longer- lasting effect than a normal back massage so I wouldn’t have it again until a couple of months at least.

Lasting impressions?

I enjoyed being left with a notecard with product recommendations totally tailored to me. I was also recommended a certain crystal that reflected some of the outcomes of my guided meditation experience. It was nice to be left with a few ideas on things I should invest in and some small actions (such as breathing and meditation exercises) that can help me be more mindful. I like that even after the session is over and you leave the tranquility of the spa you are armed with some tools as you continue on with your life and step back into the real world.

Thank you Corinthia London for inviting me to review this seriously one-of-a-kind experience.

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