December 05, 2016

A Better Place To Sleep


This post is sponsored by Leesa mattresses.

Hi, my name’s Emma and I really really love sleep. I also love to talk about it a lot. I can’t help it. If I’m not Instagramming my deep-sleep Lavender pillow spray, or recommending my favourite night-creams then I am probably talking to you about how much I’m loving my new duvet. I like to spend my money on sleep-related goods because I know it’s worth it for the positive effect it has on my life. I have novelty eye-masks (leopard and watermelon print are my two favourites at the moment). I love a soft throw on the sofa for those moments where you fall asleep watching a film. I have so many different bath salts, the ones that literally knock you out as soon as you get out of the bath and into bed. And these slippers from Soak ‘n’ Sleep are the best thing ever to hit my feet.

I think the reason I’m so obsessed with sleep is because I’ve known the dangers of not getting enough. (I also read Ariana Huffington’s book The Sleep Revolution and got a bit freaked out.) I’ve worked in journalism jobs that had me do night shifts (although it was normally pretty fun and meant covering something like the Oscars or another fabulous US-based events) – but on a more serious note, I’ve also had specific night-time anxiety that allowed me to function normally in the day, but I would become totally restless at night.

My night-time anxiety has resulted in me sitting on the floor and making endless pointless lists at 3am.

I recently had a phase when anxiety ruled the night and resulted in endless trips to kitchen, the living room, the loo – I was just totally restless even though I was knackered. Your bladder can be one of the first things to be impacted if you’re anxious or stressed and for me it meant constantly getting up and breaking my sleep patterns which has a huge effect on the next day.


Burn-out is a serious threat when it comes to over-working yourself.

Burn-out is the new buzzword. But really, it is very important we continue to talk about it. This year I’ve dangled very closely to it. Burning the candle at both ends. Putting work first, telling myself that my twenties is the decade to secure myself firmly in my career, putting pressure on myself to do bigger projects, write another book, take another long-haul flight, pull another all-nighter, saying “yes”, doing more…

Like a few of my peers I’ve made a pact to myself that 2017 is a year I put myself, my health, my mind, first. “Busy” is no longer the goal. I’m currently read REST: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less.

I don’t necessarily believe we need loads of sleep, but good sleep. So be it pillow spray, luxury eye-masks, candles, gorgeous sheets and the main investment: a good mattress, I’m all for it.

When Paul and I first moved into our new flat and bought a new bed, we didn’t invest in a very good mattress. I remember one night I said to him: “Is it normal that I can feel mattress springs in my back?” Err, ouch. We bought a mattress topper from John Lewis and thought it would be the end of it, but I still never really found my bed that comfortable. I used to look forward to trips away so much, because it meant I could sink into a nice hotel bed (hotel beds are pretty much always lush, aren’t they?)

Here are my five top tips:

  1. Sounds obvious but leave yourself some time to wind down before bed. Away from your phone or laptop (it’s hard but so worth it).
  2. Don’t have your phone right next to your bed. Put it in a drawer or on the floor away from you.
  3. Have a bath. Or if you don’t have a bath, do a face-mask or moisturise. Do something relaxing.
  4. PODCASTS or audio books! Desert Island Discs before bed works a treat for me.
  5. A lavender candle or deep sleep pillow spray can have a big effect on sending you off to sleep.


So when Leesa mattresses got in touch to ask if I wanted to review a mattress I jumped at the chance. I’m proud to work with sponsors on my blog and podcast if they are a good fit and honestly? This is such a good fit because I could write 70,000 words on why I love sleep.


The good thing about Leesa is it’s all done online, no more trying out multiple mattresses in a showroom, lying on it for five minutes trying to nap. Their mattresses are available exclusively online, delivered direct to your door, compressed inside a box. It is a luxurious mattress, with three unique foam layers for cooling, supportive sleep – approved by the Good Housekeeping Institute.

Leesa gives you one-hundred nights to try your mattress at home, risk free. If you’re not sleeping better within 100 nights, Leesa will pick up your mattress and arrange a full refund.

Another thing I really like about Leesa, is that for one mattress is donated to charity for every ten that are sold. A tree is also planted for every mattress that is sold.

I’ve an exclusive code for you my lovely listeners and blog readers. Simply go to to receive £80 off your purchase and turn your bedroom into a better place to sleep.


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