December 14, 2016

Things I Learned in 2016

What a year it’s been. I’m sat here about to have an early night, next to a flickering candle, reading and reflecting on my year. This is what a blog is for! Here’s a few thoughts (nothing too thought-out) about my 2016 and some things I feel I’ve learned:

– If you find yourself in a YouTube hole most nights Googling entrepreunial pep-talks, you know you need to work for yourself.

– Don’t take advice from people. Even if they turn out to be right, do it on your own terms.

– Don’t give so much advice. Most of time people don’t need to hear it, they just want you to listen.

– If a friend is struggling don’t try and offer immediate solutions. If you’re a “fixer” like me, you might. But just make them a cup of tea instead and be there for them.

– Don’t waste your time scrolling through stuff that won’t have any lasting affect on you. Make stuff instead.

– Remember you only know a fraction about someone else’s life. Try not to buy into their “lifestyle” too much. They might never show you the truth, but believe things with a pinch of salt.

– Be careful who you go into business with.

– Don’t make any rash decisions. (I waited and waited before deciding to quit my job. And I’m so glad I did. You’ll know when to jump).

– Just like with romantic relationships, you can fall out of love with friends. It’s horrible and messy and will make you sad, but break-ups happen for a reason. And sometimes, two people just aren’t meant to be.

– Sometimes your world isn’t actually collapsing, you just need an early night. And a tea. And a facemask.

– Save nice emails from people in a folder. On a bad day, have a look through them.

– Gut instinct beats everything. If it feels wrong, it’s wrong.

– You can change your mind! Any time you want! How refreshing!

– Your team of people around you (personal and professional) are everything. Let them know how much you appreciate them as much as you can.

– Writing a book is a hustle. Promoting a book is a hustle.

– You know more than you think. You know stuff.

– Equally, sometimes it’s fine to say “I don’t know.”

– Reading is a good for the soul. Make time for it.

– Don’t ask anyone’s permission. No-one will tap you on the shoulder and give you a dream opportunity. Give it to yourself.

– Don’t say yes to too much stuff. And don’t let people take the piss / ask for too much from you.

– Have a proper work space.

– Walking is legit exercise.

–  You will hardly EVER regret saying “yes” to a new travel adventure.

– When public speaking, remember most people will get what you say, some really won’t, and some will remember something you said years later without you even thinking it meant anything. (Inspired by an email I got from Frances Borzello).

– There is room for everyone.

– Be careful what/who you follow online. You are what you see.

– Engaging in politics has never been so crucial.

– Compliment people. On the tube, in the street, on Twitter. The world needs kindness.

– Putting one foot in front of the other each day is the best move you’ll ever do.

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  1. Shannon says:

    Thank you for saying “Don’t waste your time scrolling through stuff that won’t have any lasting affect on you. Make stuff instead.” I needed to hear that. Happy new year.

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