January 18, 2017

One Action A Week

Last year was intense. We all know why. But I don’t necessarily feel like it’s overly helpful to just shout FUCK YOU 2016 into the abyss (however I did get sent this book and like, I get it). But simply shouting FUCK YOU 2016 down the pub and on Twitter feels a bit…meh. It just made us sweat and shout and scroll.

So then what’s the alternative?

The overwhelming feeling of last year was real, and everyone felt the ickiness and discomfort of it all. I felt guilty even talking about it in public or private because a part of your brain is like “er, don’t make this about you??” But then you feel glad that you care so much, whilst also feeling helpless and crap.

The attitude I’ve gone into 2017 with is this: any small actions are helpful. No one can change the world on their own (duh), but small consistent micro actions carried out by lots and lots of people will help make any sort of progress. Anytime you challenge the status quo in a conversation; every time you say “no” to someone who makes you feel like shit; every time you call-out an all-white all-male panel; every time you call your sexist boss out even though your heart is pounding because it’s awkward; every time you stand up for yourself and for other women, you are doing something.

On my latest podcast episode with Scarlett Curtis, she quotes her friend Mikki:

“you can’t do everything, but anything you can do can change the world.”

And in order for us not to give into the “everything’s fucked, I can’t do anything” feeling that often creeps up, I’m so happy to have discovered the UnIdle Collective, founded by these three women who also feel this way.

The mission is: to create a community to empower people to bring activism into their daily lives, through taking one action a week.

Last night was the first meet-up to discuss and take action on a range of topics from refugees (hosted by Josie from Help Refugees), sustainable fashion (led by Ego-Age), women in politics, working mums (led by Emma Freud) and women of colour (led by Thandie Newton). It was awesome. Start somewhere, anywhere. You can do something today.

So what’s the action for this week? Go on the Women’s March on January 21st. And remember, you are always part of something.

Join The Un-Idle Collective here. Follow on Twitter here, and Instagram here.

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