February 14, 2017

10 Things I Learned Creating My Podcast

500,000 listeners later, I thought I’d share some tips following a panel discussion (about podcasting) at General Assembly in London.

Last night we gathered together at General Assembly to talk about “The Podcast Revolution”. In 2015 podcasting took over the world, with the boom of podcasts like Serial and Radio Lab every industry now has a podcast. But why is the podcasting so popular? Has it revolutionised the way brands and influencers communicate with their audience? I sat on the panel alongside the brilliant co-hosts of the Melanin Millennials, podcaster Mark Leruste and Head of Digital at Kobestarr Kobi Omenaka.

Here are my top 10 important podcasting lessons:

1. You don’t need the best equipment. But you *do* need a good story/hook/topic/guest. Make something you would like to listen to.

2. Have a regular theme/niche/format. Does anyone want to listen to an audio clip of two people chatting about their own in-jokes? No.

3. Be choosy about sponsors but don’t feel guilty for having a few secs of ads. Mags make u flick through PAGES of ads before an interview.

4. Do. not. record. in. an. big. echoey. space. I repeat. Small room. Cupboard. Under a duvet. Whatever. Get cosy and close to the mic.

5. Get your listeners to rate, comment and star your show. Like YouTube etc, iTunes rewards the podcasts that have engagement.

6. Do it because you enjoy it. Like with blogging, these things can only grow when you dedicate a pure kind of fun & passion to it.

7. In person is *always* better, obvs, but Skype is actually fine. I record using the Ecamm tool.

8. I use a very simple combo: Blue Yeti mic and Audacity to edit. This website Transorm is an awesome place to start.

9. Podcasting is not new *at all* but the statistics do say it is on the rise (like up 20% between 2015-2016) hence the panel discussions.

10. Support each other. Share each other’s podcasts. There is room for everyone. No podcast is the same, no host is the same. Do your thing.

Listen to my podcast Ctrl Alt Delete here.

Image via Mark Leruste.

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  1. Victoria says:

    Thank you for this! You are so inspiring and this is super helpful to someone who is thinking (just thinking for now!) about entering the world of podcasts! 🙂

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